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Analysis of A High Nutrition Poison in the Body of Puffer Fish

Abstract The scientific name of puffer fish is tetraodontidae. Puffer fish living in the estuary and the ocean. Puffer fish is a poisonous fish but can still be consumed, but after consumed this fish will be feel fever, nausea, throw up, even cause death. Poisonous...

First Aid Help For Different Types of Poisoning

Introduction Every year, many people seek medical help for poisoning that might have taken place one way or the other. A majority of these people seem to be children under the age of 5. Approximately 25, 000 children under the age of 5 are taken...

Understanding the Tangible Health Impact of Sugar

The Sweet Poison Sugar is the main cause of most of the diseases and can be very harmful to your body. People nowadays are coming to the realisation that if you eat too much sugar it can breakdown your liver and make you obese. Sugar...

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