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Lordly Elephant: Half-Mysterious Story of an Animal

Once upon a time in the previous Manvantra, there was a very eminent mountain named Trikuta, well known for its glory and beauty. This mountain is a thousand yojanas in height from the milk ocean. It contains many precious and valuable gemstones. Another beautiful sight...

Poaching as a Factor in African Elephant Eradication

African elephants play an important part in the upkeep of their environments, which is being jeopardized by poaching occurring across wildlife reserves as well as forests and savannahs. There are two types of African elephants, savannah and forest elephants, from which both genders possess ivory...

The Decrease of Elephants in U. S. Circuses

Now that we’ve seen the option of the public, what about those who live their life alongside of these exotic animals that work day-in and day-out with these creatures. The circus industry has been around for a very long time, and at one point in...

Analysis of The Ecology of Elephants

Elephants are one of earth’s best kept secret, they are among the most gentle, unique creatures. They are among much like humans, they form tight bonds with their families, mourn the death of their own, and want to just be able to live happily; however,...

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