How The Neolithic Revolution Changed People's Lifestyle

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The Neolithic Revolution altered mankind. It caused large problems that influenced the way people choose to act. All this was inspired by the idea of value; this wouldn't have occurred it wasn't for the way that agriculture was spread. Values of humankind became much more important, profitable differences changed the society, and the habitat for those around was destroyed.

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Due to the power of growth being a big center of attention for humans, equality and harmony were often present, which the Neolithic Era took over. This caused the beginning of human oppression along with slavery(the biggest loss the planet could ever have to face). Humans started only caring about wealth and who had the largest amount of power. People started doing anything and everything to gain attention and wealth. This tore apart the delicate community that was once produced.

When growth became more effective, agriculture became more effective in ruining the territory. Agriculture led to changes in climate, contamination, and denudation. Acaricide, chemicals, and carbon dioxide all affected the air quality, and slowly would start to kill people. All of this still happens on our earth today, the way that blends of compounds affect climate change, changes everything, Including, how farmers act, how water is produced, and how soil is laid. Farmers are the ones that would make climate change worse, this was done by wiping out almost all of the forests, and using lots of chemicals and additives in the soil that would eventually end up in the water. They take agricultural land and strip natural habitats for those who need It to survive. These effects almost entirely wiped the ecosystems out and destroyed the stability on earth.

People that developed in the paleolithic era were developed as an “original affluent society” as stated by the Strayer article. Differences in the economy were very obvious; people became obligated to act a certain way and would only want to be around those who were wealthy, and had more power over others. The way people began to arrange themselves into groups was the same as how the difference of rates and different continents became extremely meaningful. The dissimilarity in social class was far beyond the poor and this led to a very limited society, people started to not be able to withhold certain items and this caused many to drop out from acting the way they want.

The evolution of the agricultural revolution is the biggest omission in human history. Some people still believe to this day that we benefited from the agricultural revolution, yet, It has done some of the most damage and has negatively impacted society. The point of view we have continued to use in everyday life is filtered through social class, largened economic contrast, and unavoidable destruction.

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