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Statue Names Queen Hatshepsut and History Textbook

Why do we study history? As we all know, the study of history is to learn from your past. We want to know about the things that our ancestors dealt with and more about them. By learning more I read chapter one called “Africa” from...

What Made King Hatshepsut an Exceptional Female Pharaoh

King Hatshepsut is one of the most contested pharaohs, her ascension to pharaoh is challenged. However, what classifies her reign as revolutionary and unorthodox is the art and monuments of her time. Hatshepsut defined all odds by completely immersing herself in the role and responsibilities...

Hatshepsut: The Powerful Female Ruler of Ancient Egypt

In the Eighteenth Dynasty (1492-1479 B.C.E), Thutmose’s son died at an early age. Since this was so unexpected, they believed it would result in a catastrophe. However, this unfortunate death began one of the most memorable and exceptional reigns in all of Egyptian history. The...

The Legacy of Queen Hatshepsut and Her Significance in the History of Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian World is a very interesting topic to learn about which stands out the most as compared to other civilizations due to its unique writing, multiple gods, beliefs about life and death and various pharaohs. Pharaohs contributed a lot to the Egyptian civilizations....

Artistic Depictions of Hatshepsut in Ancient Egyptian Art

The name “Hatshepsut,” to those who are at least vaguely familiar with it, evokes immediately a distinct image of the female pharaoh who apparently dressed as a man. It is tempting for those who know very little to be confused by her artistic depictions and...

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