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Controversies Surrounding the Figure of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Throughout history, Cleopatra is a historical figure of much debate and interest. In modern times, Cleopatra has the potential to be a mainstream role model when considering the debates on her ethnicity, race, and her intelligence. As an infamous woman, it is likely easier to...

Ptolemaic Coinage as a Source of Propaganda

The minting of coinage during the Hellenistic period is a representation of propaganda that kings and queens used to establish themselves as the rulers of the rising successors kingdoms. The portrait representation of the Ptolemaic dynasty on coinage is a source of propaganda which was...

Analysis of the Misrepresentation of Cleopatra and Wu Zetian

To a great extent, the achievements of historical women are represented through a distorted lens of the overtly masculine and misogynistic values of ancient society. Throughout history, the life and accomplishments of female leaders are written by men, thus being portrayed in a negative light....

The Impact of Cleopatra's Gendered Iconography on Public's Opinion of Her

Because there was no modern day technology to spread messages or propaganda in Ancient Egypt, a ruler would often use art and iconography to convey something to their subjects. This was very common throughout history but particularly evident during the reign of Cleopatra VII, the...

Cleopatra and Her Rule in Egypt

Cleopatra, the last and most important pharaoh in Egypt’s history. She was given the throne at just 17 years old and made Egypt thrive. She had led them for many years to not be taken over by Rome. She was one of the only pharaohs...

The Life And Reign Of Cleopatra

Cleopatra is one of the most well-known pharaohs due to the many myths and legends surrounding her. But she is from an era long passed and due to that many misconceptions have been made about her life. It is due to this that there is...

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