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The Battle of Thermopylae: Integral Part of Greek History

The historical event I chose for my diorama project is the last stand of the three hundred Spartans and eight hundred and fifty or so other Greek warriors at the Thermopylae pass during the Greeco-Persian war or as it is better known as the Persian...

Amount of Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae 

The amount of Persians that fought during the Battle of Thermopylae is a common debate topic among historians throughout history. From Herodotus in the 400s B.C. to Rupert Matthews in 2006, many have theorized the rough amount of Persians at the battle. No one knows...

The State of Spartan Society in the Battle of Thermopylae

The testimony of ancient sources demonstrate that Sparta was a military oriented society. The famed Spartan poet, Tyrtaeus, who composed his many of verses during the Second Messenian War, highlights the importance of Spartan military in comparison to other virtues, writing: “I would not rate...

300 Spartans Movie Analysis: Violent Movie for Action Lovers

300 Spartans is a war-survival film placed in 480 B.C. The film was released on March 9, 2007 by director Zack Snyder. The film tells the story of the Thermopylae War in 480 B.C. The greedy Persian King Xerxes invades Greece to extend his slave...

Jack Snyder's Obscure Direction of the Movie 300

The opening snapshots of the film set up the vibe and approach for the motion picture. It is vital to submerge the watchers into the correct attitude with a specific end goal to guarantee the huge and basic components are underscored legitimately to enable the...

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