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Aphrodite and Greek Gods in the Mythology

Aphrodite is considered, by many, to be a major divinity. She used her powers as the goddess of love and beauty and would influence greek mythology through her decisions and the unique things about her. She also wasn’t afraid to use her powers which would...

Thucydides and his Writings on History

The excerpt is from “History of the Peloponnesian War” written by Thucydides, during the Peloponnesian war. It was a historical work detailing the said war. The war was fought between Athens, which led Delian League, and Sparta, which led the Peloponnesian League.These two alliances included...

Sparta: Classes and Social Life of Spartan’s

Sparta, located in the Peloponnesus peninsula, was a powerful city state that had it’s own unique traditions and rules. Since most of Spartan’s life was concentrated on war, their social life and class system also depended on survival. Leaders of Sparta were eager to raise...

City-States of Greece: Sparta and Athens

Ancient Greece territory had easy access to water since it was located on the peninsula and its land shaft consist of the mountains. Greece territory was divided into sperate regions by mountains which led to the creation of city-states. Since it was difficult to travel...

Sparta: History of Ancient World

In the Ancient world there were many powerful empires and nations, but none like that of Greece. In the Greek world you had the creation of democracy, the innovation of new war strategy, and much more. The two main cities that usually come to mind...

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