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How Started The Manifest Destiny 

Manifest Destiny started when Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana purchase. Thomas Jefferson sent two people lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark and the corps of discovery set off with the help of there guide Sacagawea. Sacagawea was a French Canadian indian guide/interpreter. Then they split...

Manifest Destiny: History Of Mexican War

The Mexican War is an important part of history, making it America’s first foreign war. This war took the timeline of 1846 to 1848 making it two years that the soldiers had to fight in and experience intense routine in their daily lives. The author,...

Manifest Destiny: Dark And Bloody Story

Remember when Americans sent elite soldiers westward, destroying everything in their wake? Well that’s extremely inaccurate. We all learned about Manifest Destiny in school, we just learned about it from a singular viewpoint. Most people think about a senseless slaughter of Native Americans, now that’s...

History Of Term “Manifest Destiny”

The term “Manifest Destiny” was used by John L. O’Sullivan in 1845. He wrote it in a New York political journal, “ in a spirit of hostile interference against us, for the avowed object of thwarting our policy and hampering our power, limiting our greatness...

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