What Does It Mean to Be American

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Defining what it means to be an American can consist of a variety of answers. America being a boosting, lively country, is full of different people with different backgrounds, cultures and languages. To get a better understanding of defining what it truly means to be American, these sources best illustrate American characteristics in their true form, that gives a finer and deeper understanding on what it really means to be an American.

Being an American means you respect our country and take action to when it comes to supporting our country. Pledging your allegiance demonstrates Amercians respect and honor to pledge our loyalty to this land and country as a whole. In “Veterans Day: Never Forget Their Duty” the author states how a man made a United States flag, not to please others, and knowing there would be consequences, still completed that flag with confidence and appreciation. He understood the significance of his allegiance is to this country was. “He was making that flag because he knew how important it was for us to be able to pledge our allegiance to our flag and country… Duty, honor, country.”

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Relating to the flag, a photograph, firefighters raising the flag at ground zero in 2001, captured the moment firefighters picked up the American flag, after the twin towers have been hit. For the fire fighters to stand in that destruction, proudly raising the American flag, exemplifies such gratitude that Americans possess. Being an American, we understand and demonstrate our loyalty to this country in one of the many ways, pledging our obedience to this nation.

To be an American, Americans take pride in the fact that we are as one. As diverse as this nation is, we are bound together by this land and the history behind it. Americans understand the diversity of this nation in religions, cultures and beliefs, and recognize that as diverse as the citizens are, they all share a common understanding of appreciation and commitment towards America. All the citizens make up this nation and stand proud with it. In “ Address On The Occasion Of The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Statue Of Liberty” President Franklin D Roosevelt express how Americans all serve different purposes and came from different backgrounds to ultimately serve a common purpose and take comfort and dignity in the fact that Americans have such common minds when it comes to the understanding of America. “ The realization that we are all bound together by hope of a common future...For all our millions of square miles for all our millions of people, there is unity in language and speech, in law and in economics, in education and in general purpose, which nowhere finds its match.” He means that Americans have so much in common that will better help the future of America.

Americans withhold some of the most powerful devotion to their nation, they serve the country in dedication, accepting the fate of death in the battle field. In a photograph from 1863, during the Battle Of Gettysburg, the photograph consists of bodies spread out on an open field. The smoke in the air from open fire was as visible as the bodies continuing down the open field. This photograph displays these soldiers dedication to their country as they lay still. Those soldiers died fighting for their country.

The devotion and dedication they had for their country was so strong they died fighting to maintain the countries power, to keep safe the home they made out of America, and the chance of their future in America. Another photograph also displays Americans commitment to this country. In the photograph, Eisehower, the troop leader is surrounded with troops most likely devising a plan of fighting back during the battle. Those troops pictured understood their fate was most likely death, as they stood in such focus and determination to their leaders directions. These troops were bound to fight and die and they sacrificed everything they had including their lives, to keep Americas promise and to retain hope in Americas future.

Americans withhold such powerful dedication and devotion to their country and it shows in their honorable actions. In all, to be American means you withhold respect, honor and loyalty towards this country. Not only is being an American respecting America, it's also respecting those who reside here as well and share a common desire of hope in America's future. A true American takes pride in their countries diversity in religions, races and opinions. Americans proudly represent and respect their country, coming together as one to make America what it is today.

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