Stunning Mountains and Beautiful Beaches in California

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When someone thinks about California, they think about its stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and delicious food. From snowboarding in the mountains in the morning to seeing the sunset at the beach at night, from going to Disneyland one day and Mexico the next, Southern California has it all. Whether someone is a visitor or an outsider, they must admit that they are a bit envious of not being Californians. 

According to research, there are over 39.51 million residents in California, which makes it the most populated state to live in. There is something for everyone whether they are indoor or outdoor people. California has one of the most popular cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Southern California is the best state to live in because there are lots of places to explore, tons of job opportunities available, and a diverse population of people.

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California has one of the best restaurants, amusement park, national parks, beaches, and other places to explore. One of the best amusement parks ever visited in the world is Disneyland. Disneyland is an 85 acre amusement park in Anaheim, California filled with many attractions such as rides, fireworks, deserts, and many more. Former ride “Paradise Pier” has been remodeled to “The Incredicoaster”. The Incredicoaster is a popular thrill that has a theme of the movie “Incredibles 2“ and goes 55mph. One of Disneyland's most enjoyable deserts is the caramel apple. 

The caramel apples can be found at almost any sweet shop at Disney. Disney lets you customize your own apple. From a simple caramel apple to an apple that resembles your favorite character, the possibilities are endless. Disney tries to make your visit magical and memorable by including a 20 min firework show at the end of the day. The fireworks take place behind the Sleeping Beauty castle when it's not windy but that usually isn't a problem.

The best thing about Southern California is that it is sunny all year round. In Los Angeles County, the average temperature in summer/spring can range from 79°F- 85°F in the day and 62°F-65°F in the night. Furthermore, the average temperature in the fall/winter can range 68°F-75°F in the day and 48°F-56°F in the night. Due to Southern California being known for having warm weather, it is a perfect place to explore the beaches. Many of the beaches are excellent for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and of course for taking great pictures. If someone wants to get some peace and quiet, or do a photoshoot El Matador Beach, Malibu is the place for that. 

The stunning rock creations helps people to discover amazing hidden coves which allows them to free their minds. Another well-known beach is Santa Monica which is 20 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. Santa Monica has a variety of things to do such as playing volleyball, surfing, riding biking, skateboarding around the pier, or enjoying the beautiful sunset. It is also known for their amusement park, food, entertainment, and aquarim.

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