The Evolvement of 1920s Fashion and Trends

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 Fifty years before the 1920s, each decade developed a persona of trends that influenced the evolvement of 1920s fashion. A continuation of the 1870s frizzy bangs or loosely piled curled locks took on the impact of hairstyles In the 1880s, skirts were narrow folded, draped, pleated, trim or frill and became the essential style of this decade. But a sudden shift in 1882, when skirts became wider and punctuated producing the bustle, frame worn under a skirt, in the 1883 developed the brood-hipped style from 1883 to 1886. In 1887, tall felt hats was introduced into the category of accessories along with lapel and handkerchief pins, brooches, large fans, flat-top and pork-pie hat, and miniature derby hats. Jersey that was high necked was worn tightly over the hips, arms, and wrists, prospered into looser puffed sleeves after 1887.

Similar aspects in the early 1880s began to repeat in 1888 through daytime dresses but adding an apron drape across the stomach. Outfits began to look simpler but produced a bit more freedom for the woman in the 1890s. The emphasis of the sleeves on blouses or jerseys became prominence in the 1890s. For example in 1892, the gigot sleeves, fullness or puffiness from the shoulders to the shoulders, became known and later led to the shoulder drooping lines in 1896. Then in 1898, sleeve was tight, small, and balloon- shaped which evolve into the bishop sleeves, a full sleeve extending from shoulder and gathered at the wrist in 1898. In addition, the bust line was low, corsets were bosened, and the bell form of the skirt were shaped over the hips and flared dramatically to a wide hem. 

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Women hairstyles from the bangs transformed into it growing out, flattened, and waved then put under high hats, settin hens, or straw sailor hats. Furthermore, wristwatches ( known as sport watches) were common and used while cycling, and ribbon ties and short feather boa were important figures as well in 1890s fashion. In the beginning of a new century or 1900s, The S-shaped figure, Health Corsets, helped to remove pressure from the waist and diaphragm but accentuated the chest to move forward and the hips to move back. Then a transition from tight clothing to tailored suits and blouses and skirts which embraced the “New woman” in 1908. 

Along with that, wide brimmed hats with plumes or flowers, motoring hats or veils, straw sailor hats, long coats, and decorative parasols were accessorized with hair high up on their heads with combs pinning it down, as the hairstyles. The S- figured body shape began to deterotiate as the 1910s decade hit. Women were more prone to a straight natural body and hobble skirts cut above the ankles, revealing a bit of skin in the 1915. But women were still attracted to lavish hats towered with flowers, hair was also piled into the hat leaving natural waves or out to characterize the face, in the beginning of the decade then produced flatter, less frilled hats. 

This evolved into small cloche hats in the 1918.In order to complete the look, gloves, handbags, wide coats with floppy collars, and feathers boas and furs was used. The 1920s was influenced heavily by the trends of the previous decades, including curls or waves, evolving from the 1890s through 1910s (bobcut), long coats from the 1900s and 1910s, bit of the boyish look from the 1910s and straight shape ( the flapper) from the 1910s, and xxx. A garccorne look (known in the 1925-1926 and 1928-1929), boyish look, was explemified through straight curveless dresses worn with busts flattening the chemise or skirt which hung straight down the knees especially through 1928-1929. 

From sport watches or watches in the 1900s, a strand of pearls around the neck, large bracelets was captured through an ideal persona of a flapper. In order to exaggerate this “persona”, makeup powder was used around the face giving an uneven skin tone, thin arched eyebrows, and a red lip was shaped as the cupid bows and art geometric designed stockings. Sporting attire such as tennis uniforms, golfing outfits, sailor blouses, and bathing suits even became more comfortable and flexible than it was in the 1920s. These styles in earlier years emphasized a clear shift into the progressive 20s style and demonstrates the parallel of feminism to fashion. 

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