Taekwondo, Music and Co-creating Own Fashion Line

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One of the main reasons I want to study architecture is my passion for French Romanesque-style buildings. It is my ambition to one day contribute to the construction of these. This passion stemmed from my visits to France as a child. On these trips, I explored the Romanesque and Renaissance-style architecture and I was particularly captivated by Mont-Saint-Michel’s Abbey and Caen Hotel de Ville. These buildings fascinated me because of their fantasy aesthetic; the symmetry and the spires are pleasing to witness. This stimulates my imagination to facilitate creative thinking, outside of teacher influence.

In my life so far, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many countries and be exposed to a range of different styles and designs of architecture. I have observed the way buildings are designed, how they are influenced by different cultures and facilitate people’s daily lives. Architecture is therefore what I want to study in the future as I am taking advantage of my creativity, combining it with my ability to project my thoughts and work toward my objective.

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To prepare to study architecture at University, I have taken Art and Design for GCSE and A-Level. These courses have developed my skills in planning, independence, communication and attention to detail. This would be useful for this course as the curriculum requires me to do presentations but also demonstrating this in architectural drawings that will clearly display my intentions. Already having an artistic course, I took interest in Mathematics which I naturally excelled at since youth. 

This would aid in my decisions to find cost effective ways to work within budget and apply this knowledge to my CAD designs, yet also choose and measure materials that would become my 3D models. Chemistry is my other A-level that increased my knowledge of safety. Handling dangerous chemicals meant that I had to constantly follow lab rules and safety regulations. These would come in handy too when I need to visit sites for building checks, where I may not be under supervision by an expert.

Outside of education, I have committed my free time Taekwondo, music and co-creating my own fashion line. In Taekwondo, I lead other pupils when directing different skills and techniques. Teaching is a passion of mine because I can contribute to the student’s growth and development in martial arts, help them achieve the best of their ability and compete for gold medals. In music, I am committed to playing the piano which I currently play at a grade 7 standard. I have also begun to enhance my knowledge in music by learning the violin. These hobbies have developed a range of different skills. Both involve strict mental focus and dedication. I have learned patience, precision and self-discipline which I feel are beneficial towards architecture. 

This would be expressed in my course through my group projects, leading and contributing to ideas. I learned that it takes more than one person to develop an idea as well as the process of developing is a long but rewarding task. Receiving criticism has become the norm in which I take advantage to improve ideas yet move forward in expanding the enterprise. I also have a keen interest in languages, studying French and Korean at varying strengths. The experience of native speakers understanding what I say fuels me to learn more about their culture and customs. It is the mutual feeling of connection that pushes me out of my comfort zone to constantly try new challenges.  

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