The Motivation to Propose Career Goals

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The objectives can be short, medium or long term. For example, learning a language is a long-term goal while passing a subject is a medium-term goal. Short-term goals can be as simple as confessing one's feelings to another person, but they still remain a form of self-improvement. Some long-term objectives require other objectives in the short or medium term. For example, if the objective is to run a marathon within six months, each month there will be a goal to improve resistance and speed.

Finding love: it can be objected that one can not fall in love simply by will, that is to say that the goal is unrealistic. However, having an open attitude to meeting people gives the possibility that love appears. That is to say that it is an objective that can guide certain attitudes, but that can bring frustrations if it is not taken into account that the result also depends on chance. I think it's very important in this life to be with someone

Finish my career: This objective refers to personal growth. The motivation to propose these goals can be out of curiosity or the pleasure of acquiring new knowledge, or because they can benefit us in work goals. Having a good performance in the educational field not only helps us learn, but also increases our self-esteem. My goal would be to finish my degree and enter the labor market trying to position myself as best as possible.

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Travel to an unknown island: This objective often requires obtaining the economic means to achieve it, but other times it simply requires a bit of organization and decision. I would like to go to an island paradise and meet her living as the inhabitants of this island live. Enriching your culture and language, tasting its gastronomy, visiting with the locals the most hidden places on the island, I would like to travel with my brother or a very good friend of mine.

Save a certain amount of money: Usually, this goal is a means to achieve someone else, such as making a trip or buying something expensive. I would like to save not only to buy something, but to have some economic security and if some day I had an economic problem or I would like to buy something, I could do it. Just as saving is a personal goal since you must decide in which things to spend your money and in which others you will not be able to since you will have to save it. It is a goal that everyone should propose as I think that everyone is happy to save personally and see the true value of things Make a plan for the new year, in which your professional goals are aligned with your needs. Doing so is an arduous task, which in most cases involves leaving the comfort zone and making important changes in the daily routine

Connect with other professionals. The networking is a good way to seek collaborations and stay connected to the news of the company / sector. For that we must maintain very good social relations which can sometimes involve having to make efforts that are not to our liking. The networking could mark the success in our professional career, since at the moment it can be very important to make a business, and it is also a tool that is used a lot, both to promote the change of work and to achieve it.

Receive a promotion: This is a goal that does not depend only on us, but on who makes the decisions in the workplace. However, employees generally know what attitudes they must take to motivate a decision in their favor. Now I am going to start a few internships in a company in a few months, and I would like them to offer me the opportunity to finish.

Cultivating a good digital reputation means having a very active LinkedIn and Facebook as well as other social networks where you can promote at work and where others know you. Always reviewing them and looking for new offers, as well as updating them in the new thing you have done.

Achieve a balance: the professional of today lives continuously busy from top to bottom. It is essential to find the point of balance between professional and personal life. You can not live for work, you have to organize your time and enjoy your friends, your family, your free time and do things that make you happy. Nowadays there is a huge labor competition that is reflected in an increase of the hours worked and a continuous stress. There are some jobs that only rest two days a month, this is not healthy. In the next working life I will understand that being the new person at work I have to work more than the rest, an effort that in the future I hope will be rewarded and I hope to be able to family holidays as well as the weekend have them to be able to rest .    

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