Personal Qualities For Being A Pediatric Nurse

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I aspire to work towards becoming a pediatric nurse and this passion has only grown deeper as I developed in my adolescence years. I honestly believe becoming a pediatric nurse is a very rewarding, challenging also a demanding career but knowing that I can help and support children during a difficult phase in their life is my desire. I believe pediatric nurses play a key role in assessing children's needs, taking into account their medical, social, cultural, and family circumstances. I consider the job to be more than just a profession; it is a way of life that includes life-long learning. I am incredibly inspired by their devotion, motivation, and their endurance towards their work, and I want to be part of this.

I possess personal qualities which I believe are related to being a pediatric nurse such as; respectful manners and the ability to reassure a person when they are physically and emotionally distressed, the ability to show empathy and take into consideration personsthe feelingspersons by showing the feeling of sympathy, care and commitment and the ability to give reassuring advice when needed, using my other qualities such as good communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally and effective listening skills, which I aim to be able to communicate effectively when working in partnership with children and their parents or guardians. I believe those are important while giving care to a patient as their care and concerns are the main priority and possessing this quality will make both the patients, families, and health care build a stronger relationship and with the use of good listening skills will make the service user feel understood and it will reduce the service user frustration of not being heard. In addition, I am also able to be calm while under pressure, as this will help make both the service user and the health care message be heard properly.

Studying Health and Social care at Post 16 and broadening my knowledge by spending most of my time, researching and going through essays that I have written in sixth form has helped me to understand that this course is for me and it is my vocation. Researching and choosing health and social care in the sixth form has given me an understanding that nursing can be a very satisfying career where one's has the chance to improve children's lives during their times of need, and it has also taught me how to be able to work in groups and deliver a good presentation and effective bibliography references related to my research. It has also allowed me to know more about the Nhs constitution, the 6c's, the NMC codes of conduct on what is expected from a nurse, and recent updates on the children's nursing website updating parents and Gp's on how to manage constipation in childhood and how to improve the experience of young men with continence problems, etc.

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I strongly believe, that being a pediatric nurse is certainly my calling, because not only do I understand that to be a pediatrics nurse, you have to be dedicated, possess qualities such as good communication skills and the ability to be reassuring, friendly, trusting, self-motivating, and hard-working, I was able to make use of these qualities during my work placements, volunteering, and everyday life while associating with people of different background and ethics, as it helps in making conscious decisions while establishing friendships with people from other cultures. During my placement at Ealing Hospital NHS in an Orthopaedics department, It has helped widen my knowledge, giving me the chance to be able to acquire more knowledge while applying the Nhs values and constitution, the Nursing and midwifery codes of conduct, and the 6c's, in areas when delivering an effective service to the service users. It has taught me how to work together with other staff for patients, as the patients are the main priority in everything that is being done, I was taught that it is important to involve patients, staff, families, carers, and professionals outside and inside the NHS and communities and must be able to speak up when things are wrong. I have also learned in my little ways, that both the service user and the patients must be respected and valued no matter who they are, either small or big, everyone counts, and nobody should be discriminated against or be made to feel that they are not being heard. It is essential to respect their wishes and seek to make sure that the caregiver knows the service user and the patient's priorities, needs, abilities, and so on.

I have also learned that is important to show commitment, and compassion when making good quality care as this helps in allowing the service users and the patients to trust us more easily, and the ability to be able to strive to improve a patient's wellbeing and the people using the service.

In addition, I was able to broaden my knowledge by doing a work placement at Ealing Hospital, I was able to learn and extend my knowledge when it comes to giving quality care to patients by checking a patient heart rate using a heart rate manual method, by placing my index and middle fingers together on the wrist, and once a pulse is found, I count the number of beats I feel within a minute and if no beat was found, I switch back and use the neck method, by placing two fingers on any side of the neck until I feel a beat and do the same again by counting how many beats I felt in 1 minute and then record it down in the patient's file. This is done to ensure that the patient breathing rate is not above the average rate and they are breathing normally. I was also with the nurses helping by checking a patient's temperature using a digital ear thermometer, also checking if their blood pressure is at a normal rate using a sphygmomanometer, administering drugs by following the doctor's prescriptions and strictly supervising with the help of a nurse to ensure, what is being given to the patient is the right dosage, as patients, wellbeing is the priority. In the end, I learned that it is essential that all care given to the parents is recorded down on the patient's files for safety purposes and another member of staff.

Not only did I stop my adventure into broadening my knowledge there, but I also went ahead and do lots of voluntary at a creche at Alec reed academy, I also did a work placement at a care agency, called Genesis recruitment agency, learning how to adapt to people around me and working as a group in a group sector, also helping friends and families with their kids voluntarily and also looking after my two siblings, ages of 4 and 7 years. I have been doing this for the past 4 years, and every second and minute I spent with the children, putting a smile on both the parent's and the children's faces, is everlasting joy, knowing that, not only was I able to earn the children trust, I was also trusted by their parents because they believe if there were any concerns their children has brought before me, they trusted me enough to know that their children safety and care is my main priority, as I tend to show concerns which their children have trusted me enough to share with me, and if I feel their parent's attention is needed, I have a talk with the parents so that they can monitor their children properly while they are at school and home. It is a great joy knowing that I can understand children and know what they need at the right time and giving them access to be more open and trusting in me, is an extremely wonderful feeling which I find hard to describe because I strongly believe that at the end of the tunnel, difficulties, demanding and tears, there is a light up ahead which is filled with rewarding opportunities, if you keep trying harder and not quitting, for I am not a quitter, and will keep trying until I archive my dreams and continue to put smiles on peoples face and at the same time be happy.

overall, I believe this course is for me because I have dealt with lots of past challenging experiences in the last 4 years, that nearly cost me my life due to the lack of patience and mistakes I made, but knowing I was given another opportunity to live again and amend my mistakes, help save lives and bring a smile to peoples face, is what I won't think twice about. All those pains and tears have brought me to the conclusion, that even though there are a lot of challenges which are needed to be overcome while working as a child nurse, I am ready for it because I know that at the end of it, it will be rewarding and satisfying. After all, I believe with God all things are possible.

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