Essay Samples on Firefighter

Investigation of Cancer in Firefighters

The fire service has in recent years begun to introduce several significant studies regarding finding exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) causing an elevated increase in cancer incidence in firefighters. Studies are targeting the increased rate of cancer diagnosis in firefighters, through testing of personal...

Women in Firefighting: Outcomes and Challenges

Introduction The word “firefighter” mainly represents the image of a fearless extremely trained team full of masculinity because according to society it’s the profession of men. But in the 1970s women also join in this section as professionals and volunteers. But the percentage of women...

Testing Situational Awareness and Consequences

Firemind is an online training too aimed at supporting and enhancing the abilities of fire and rescue personnel. In order to do their job, they must be able to effectively make decisions, which requires a very good understanding of the situation (situational awareness). This awareness...

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