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The Safety Regulations Placed for the Cabin Crew in the Airline

The safety of all IndiGo staff is of the greatest concern and all measures are enforced on a regular basis. Domestic aviation in India is jointly controlled by a number of government agencies and regulators, including the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and its annex,...

The Importance of Cabin Crew and Flight Attendants in Airline Operations

A commercial airport may be owned and run by a city, county or state. In some in instances a commercial airport is operated by a separate public body, such as an airport authority specifically for the purpose of managing the airport. Regardless of ownership day...

Discrimination During the Hiring Process for the Cabin Crew

The article “Sexism Is In The Air: Female Flight Attendants Await Their Feminist Revolution” highlights relevant issues as far as the recruitment criteria are concerned . The women applying (whether it is as a female flight attendant or a hostess) must meet an essential criterion...

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