Hard Work And Committing To My Goals

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I believe in working hard for myself. I believe that hard work can pay off. I stumbled upon this first last summer when I realized the more I invested into myself the more success I would have later and how accomplished and satisfied I felt when I pushed myself. By doing Cross Country with the highschool team and all working hard trying to get better, but still loving the entire process I found that the most rewarding thing is making an attempt.

In spite of this, I would experience days were I did not necessarily have any motivation to do anything but be sluggish on my couch. This lackadaisical attitude would try and trick me into disregarding how I knew if I wanted to continue to make progress I would have to commit myself to putting as many eggs as I can in one basket if it is what I really want and am willing to reach for it.

However, this pressing the snooze button on trying was overcome by some former experiences. These times although not the greatest to experience did and will continue to impact me, these times are when my team is losing bad and the coach just stops yelling, because we do not have enough heart. These times are when I am in the back of the pack trudging along wanting to be anywhere but there, when I am just disappointed in yourself for getting to complacent and not living up to what I expect from myself. All this can be overcome by that feeling of knowing I putting my best attempt out there and even if I fail it is completely fine because I put everything into that one goal so I will not have any regrets.

This full-fledged chasing of my goals justifies to me when a coach or teacher or parent gets mad saying, You know you’re not doing your best and I want to step it up. Because, this is not my practice life so I have to get what I want now even if it is something simple or some outlandish dream I have to chase it and if it is something I actually truly want I have to put everything into it. Not only does this get me what I want but also I feel satisfied throughout this process because I am doing me. However, in order to do this I have to chase my own dreams myself because nobody else will do it for me because after all what truly matters is the process of improvement. I feel like trying my best to follow this, even if I do not do it completely, it really helps me feel accomplished and helps me achieve (or come as close as possible) to my goals. Even if putting all my eggs in one basket is ill advised I feel that it is the only way to go about things.

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