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Description of Genetics Career: a Genetics Counsellor

A genetic counsellor’s main role is to provide patients information on concerns involving inherited diseases and/or conditions that run in the family or could run in an individual’s future family. These diseases include sickle cell anemia, Down syndrome, breast and ovarian cancer that is heredable,...

Main Components Of The Effective Job Description

It takes time preparing and updating job descriptions but the benefits associated with it are of great use to any organization. A job description entails the general tasks, duties and responsibilities of a particular position in an organization. It also includes the qualifications and skills...

Job Description as a Part of Job Design

Introduction In this paper, we will be discussing and examining the principles of Job design and explore alternative approaches for designing jobs and increasing employee efficiency and motivation including job analysis. Differences in tasks and responsibilities for jobs or even in similar jobs in different...

Job Description Examle: Vacancy Seat of Human Resource Manager

Job Summary We are a human resource management team located in London, we have vacancy seat of Human resource manager and looking for an energetic, passionate, hardworking employee. In this scenario, he should attain minimum requirements like policies and managing industrial relations etc. He should...

Job Description Example: Systems Test Engineer

As the world’s leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific is a driving force in healthcare research. When you join us, you’ll be part of a smart, driven team that shares your passion for exploration and discovery. We give our people the resources and opportunities...

Designing Of Enhanced Job Recommendation System For Online Job Hunting

We address the problem of recommending suitable jobs to people who are seeking a new job. We formulate this recommendation problem as a supervised machine learning problem. Our technique exploits all past job transitions as well as the data associated with employees and institutions to...

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