The Role of Personal Development Planning Today

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The essay deals with the PKSC module experiences that reflect on the academic study. Here, the different lectures are guided regarding the reflection that ensure the personal development. The other skills are mentioned research skills, digital skills, reading skills and MS office skills. Besides, the evaluating and citing sources are discussed in the session.

In the first week, the session is based on the primary tasks that offers me the sophisticated experiences. The study session was to define the office application. I have learned the different strategies regarding the attendance that swipe my ID in the ID card reader. It has given me pleasure. The study session also provides the process of action in the office 365. In this offices, I have known abbot the outlook where I used the email id. I submitted the tasks on the Microsoft one drive files. But I often feel anxious about the safety of my files. 

The most memorable thingsare that I can check the assignments brief. I have felt worried about the pressure. The huge tasks are provided that squanders my time. But I am optimistic about the future that these practises will build my position stranger. After the study session, I think about the upcoming challenges. I have to improve the attentive on the class. Neither, I will face difficulties in making decisions and problem-solving.

In the second week, the study session focus on the reading skills and digital literacy. I have learnt about how to read. The three instructions are provided regarding the skimming and scanning book. I follow the reaming direction reading the book in details because the others focus on the specific information of the book. But the weakness is that I used to text over the phone but it is not permitted. The most interesting learning is that digital library. I didn’t know about the accessibility of digital library. But the session has come true my dreams. After the session, I feel so happy for learning the excel skills and web writing.

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In the third week, the study session was prioritizing on the academic skills and citation sources. The study was also focus on the presentation skill that help me to commentate with the employees and customers. This course also provides the possible solution for making decision in the complex environment. In the session study, the instructor displays the different tutorial video to familiar the modern world I did mistakes on the report structure. After this session, in have improve on the report structure. Sometimes, I feel hesitation about the usage paraphrase. But now, it helps me more in. During this session, I have talked with my friends about the development on the citation sources. I hope that al the problem will be solved by increasing attention on the study session.

In the fourth week, the study session was held on the reflection. Firstly, it has amazed after hearing this topic. In later, I knew that it boosts the personal development. During, the session, the course teacher concentrates on this topic more. For better understanding, he took workshop that enhance my practical skills. But, the practical has taken away more time. The friends havesuggestedme to maintain these practical’s and perceiving in the reasonable way.

In the fifth week. The objective of this session is to develop both the evaluation sources and research skills. The resources in the evaluation is that book, websites and periodicals. I havelearnt how to assess the book and journal. The more valuable thins is that plagiarism. The teacher has warned about this. In the session, he has shown us to protect from this. It is my responsibility not toc copies from others recognized journal or book. Furthermore, the research process has provided some vital information. It will be helpful for researching in the any sectors.

In the sixth week, the purpose of the session is essay formats and word skills. It suggests the collection of rules for structuring the essay. The Microsoft word is inevitable for the career development. I have few inexpert in this. But after the session, I developed myself in the Microsoft word.I have experienced some positive and negative expression in this session. But I trust in overcoming all the challenges. If any problems are happened regarding essay writing, I discuss with the classmates.

In the seventh week, the study session purpose was to manage and communication skills. The resources are the data analysis software and videos. I have learnt about the practical data analysis through the videos and tutorials. It facilitates to the potentiality of doing the survey.I got the advantages from the university course regarding the business and management that offer the attributes of communication skills, solving the complex problems and situational skills that make the quality leader . The expectation of the students is that they will get the vast benefit in the employments sectors and work place., The academic result is not adequate for the reality of life. The instructor should support the students on the research activities. The job a market is now unpredictable for coping with the current market.

The course instructor should guide materials that favourable to the job. The world is more depend on digital technology so the university should change the traditional curriculum. Following the essay, the instructor involves in the research activities that fruitful in the future life. In the modules, the teacher pressurizes on the digital skills regarding the excel, word and presentation skills that thrive for the future.

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