Growing A Grit And Growth Mindset

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In today's society, there is a belief that intelligence is tied to GPA. There is a stereotype about intelligence. It is the idea that you are either smart or not smart. You either understand it or you do not. What happens if you are between? College is about independent learning and not relying on the professor to teach you everything. So, you did not understand the material, and you tried to ask the professor for help. Another student may give you looks, or the professor may comment on it being “simple”. This stimulates where being smart is the only acceptable thing and anything less is not.

You can grow your intelligence from the first day that you are born. Babies are hearing people around them talk all day every day. They try to make sense and figure out what the sound means. In a way, babies are exercising their brains. By the time they turn two or three old, they can say a whole sentence almost correctly. The child's brain has changed it has gotten smarter. According to the video “Growing Your Mind”, researchers have shown us that our brains are actually like a muscle you do things you have to struggle with to make them stronger. The more you use it, the stronger it will get.

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A grit and growth mindset can help students become smarter. According to the article “5 Characteristics of Grit” There are 5 characteristics of grit: courage and your ability to manage a fear of failure are crucial to success. Courage gives students the ability to let go of their fear of failure to take on the first steps.

Second, Conscientiousness: Achievement Oriented vs. Dependable. The Big Five character traits are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neurotic. According to Duckworth, out of the five personality traits, conscientiousness is the closest associated with grit. Three, Long-Term Goals and Endurance: Follow Through, long-term goals play an important role. Duckworth writes: “… achievement is the product of talent and effort, the latter a function of the intensity, direction, and duration of one’s exertions towards a long-term goal.” Four, Resilience: Optimism, Confidence, and Creativity. On your long haul, you will stumble, and you will need to get back up. Five, Excellence vs. Perfection, gritty People don’t seek perfection; they strive for excellence.

A growth in mindset can help students become smarter. According to the handout “25 Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset”, In number 8 Cultivate a sense of purpose, Dweck’s research also showed that students with a growth mindset had a greater sense of purpose. In number 20 use the term “yet”, Dweck says “not yet” is one of her favorite phrases. If a student is struggling in completing a task, just tell them that they have not mastered it yet.

Perseverance plays an important role in school for the student. It is the ability to see failure as a positive learning experience and allow the student to keep trying until the goal is achieved. Perseverant students work hard in school and understand that worthwhile things are never easy. They commit to themselves, set realistic goals, and never give in to frustration or failure.  

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