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Summary Of The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

As a whole, Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences can be summed up as the way that our minds work to do certain things. An article by Harry Morgan (1996) explains that “Gardner [suggested] that the human organism has seven distinct units of functioning” (para. 1)....

Adhd And Multiple Intelligences: Existence Of The Pattern

Research in the area of ADHD indicates an impact on executive and regulatory brain functions and self-concept, often affecting school performance, childhood social functioning, self-efficacy, academic outcomes, and adult occupational and social functioning (Mattox & Harder, 2007; Nigg et al., 2005; Salmeron, 2009; Voeller, 2004,...

Human's Capability of Rational Thought

Discussing the works of Tversky and Kahneman; Stanovich, 2009, stated that “being rational means acting to achieve one’s own life goals using the best means possible”. A long history of research has looked into the mystery of rational human thought and decision making – Tverky...

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