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Types Of Memory: Short Term Memory

New theory After significant research, a new theory has been proposed that states that there are possibly up to 5 different types of isolatable memory systems (Markowitsch, 1995). These systems consist of Procedural, perceptual-representation, working, semantic, and episodic. Each of these systems involves the acquisition,...

Age And Gender Differences In Short Term Memory

Abstract Age and gender are key determinants of memory performance. The present study sought to determine whether gender and age contribute to any differences in memory, more so the short-term auditory memory. It hypothesized that females would portray better short-term auditory memory compared to males...

Complexity Of Brain: Short Term Memory

Our brains are very complex, so complex that we do not fully understand how our brains work. One of the things we are still trying to understand is memory. Memory might be one of the most important functions of our brain because without it we...

Peculiarities Of Short Term Memory

Memories are essential in every person's daily life. While some are better at remembering things than others, no memory is stored precisely the same. Memories are defined as an inner record of a previous event or experience. Throughout my life, I have learned that it...

Psychology Of The Human Memory

The brain is one of the most vital parts of the human body, one of the most integral aspects of the brain is its ability to store and retrieve memories. There are 6 distinctive variations of memory and how our brains store and retrieve these...

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