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The Definition Of Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias. What is it? It’s a tendency and trait that many people seem to possess. But what really is it? In simple terms, it’s basically a way for someone to confirm their beliefs or opinions through newly found evidence. It is also a way...

Confirmation Bias In Everyday Life

Bias is a part of everyday life. Specifically, confirmation bias refers to the idea that people tend to look for information that confirms their beliefs and ignore information that refutes their beliefs. To some extent this can be harmless; however, it is important to recognize...

Confirmation Bias In Our Lives

“The human organism tends to seek, embellish, and emphasize experiences that support rather than challenge already held beliefs.” (Mahoney 1977) Unfortunately, confirmation bias is part of everyone’s cognitive process to some extent. It impedes objective reasoning, influences decisions and who we spend our time around,...

Confirmation Bias In Social Media

I choose two biases to research and explain how these affect my life. Confirmation bias can be often what the general public says once they need a special opinion on topics. However, changing opinions are not as easy because it seems. Opinions and perspectives are...

Sneaky Issue Of Confirmation Bias

One struggle we as humans face in society is not uncommon. It is best known as Confirmation Bias. For we are naturally driven by thought and emotion, influenced by our peers, and always searching for answers. The keyword “influenced” is more crucial than what many...

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