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Birth Order As One Of The Main Influence Of The Child's Personality

Personality comes from many different things, but a main influencer is from birth order. Children who are first borns and children who are later-borns contrast in how they act majorly because of when they came into this world. It can determine certain aspects of mental...

Effect of Birth Order on Criminality

Introduction Behind every crime large or small question remains the same: why did the criminal do it? To figure out the motivation behind crime, criminal behavior professionals used a variety of resources and techniques to answer this difficult question. They examine the history of crime,...

The Influence of Birth Order On Self-Esteem

Abstract This study aims to investigate whether birth order has any influence on level of self-esteem. A Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale questionnaire was given to each potential participant (n=30) who consent to give their information for research purposes with ensured anonymity in which their identity is...

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