Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere

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Justice In the world of freedom of expression, individuals through society have their own demonstration of justice. Depending on the point of view of each personage in which justice would have a different meaning. Martin Luther King and Judith Butler are two representatives emphasizing their own perception of justice. Justice itself has a vast list of meanings. Seeking out the meaning and focusing on the opinions that the two authors raised through the The Letter to Birmingham Jail and Undoing Gender, there is the sharing of the definition of justice, fundamentally different views of justice, and human social constructs. The definition of justice differs is the concepts of every culture, so viewpoints and perspectives of Dr. King and Butler have diversified the meaning of its. 

In The letter from Birmingham Jail, Dr. King says that no one cannot convince themselves to separate from everybody in the world, that’s why he could not be in Atlanta while Birmingham needed his help. He declares, ‘I am Birmingham because injustice is here.” He wants people to understand that human is connected to each other person in over the world. Individuals are all responsibility for justice. No justice is determined by mere law. While the laws are man-made that caused by a human being, justice is inviolable which none broke by “thus saith the Lord” (King). A truly of law considered to be fair must not conflict with any morals, so there would be injustice if a law is wrong or sinful in moralistic. King states, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” When an unjust law, which caused social intense, is written by people created it unequally, this should be the time for justice to stand erect by the right thing to be done by us. Sometimes, “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream” (King) where the swift current can easily overwhelm even in shallow waters. King means we have to resist injustice whenever we meet because it is harmful to us. At some point in the letter, he believed human could all recognize justice by the word of the Lord. Human justice has its right to live in a good community where they able to reach their full human potential. 

Judith Butler, a philosopher and gender theorist, also believed people’s body is a temporal reality through the image of God. With Undoing gender, Butler has her definition of gender justice. In the process of development over the world, inequalities about gender are crucial to understanding the society that was and believing man is more valuable than women. She explains, “We realize that the social norms that constitute our existence,” (Butler 2) Being a man or woman, we are all a part of mankind which is a result of biology, society, psychology, culture, and politics. Besides, two biological sexes, male and female are defined in Undoing gender. “Briefly, one is a woman, according to this framework, to the extent that one functions as one within the dominant heterosexual frame and to call the frame into question is perhaps to lose something of one’s sense of place in gender” (Butler 11). Butler does the reflection on gender and sexuality, transgender, and intersex, which is powerful enough to determine the function of a man and woman. The power of deciding what humans are and what they can be. Justice is the righteous fair and integrity of everything, but in more detail and discussion a particular form of justice, there can be fundamentally different views by Dr. King and Butler. While King defines the range over protest movements and persistence of racial inequality, Butler points out the fundamental accounts of gender identity. King believed the intense was necessary to do nonviolent protester because there was an ugly report of brutally known at Birmingham. 

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Negroes did not receive any respect and treat unfairly in court although “the Negro is your brother.” (King) He expressed his disappointment with the white moderate because of their unmindful about many black’s homes and churches destroyed. He says, “justice too long delayed is justice denied.” Thus, people cannot wait, they must crack initiative in segregation laws nonviolently. Standing up for what is justice, regardless of the weak power, it is still the greatest thing that people should get it done to fulfill a dream that one-day people would live equally and treat love to each other. Butler, she has stood up for gender social justice. She introduces the feminist, the movement of full equality and equity between women and men. She states, “I propose to broach the relationship between variable orders of intelligibility and the genesis and knowability of the human.” (Butler 59) There will always be limits to gender intelligibility, but do not have a norm of valuable. The value should judge by the way a person fit the norm and bring the benefit to the society. The frame that people design the difference between man and woman in the world through. The truth is they all together build social construction. The definition of justice itself a purely social construct, while Dr. King talks about the social construction of race, body, sex, and gender are socially constructed by Butler. Racist and gender are called the social construct because both authors are collected the knowledge around the world and created the form of basic shared assumptions about reality. 

Through The Letter to Birmingham Jail, many records that Dr. provided to proclaim the inequality and instance of injustice in the Birmingham. The bitter truth is “when you see the vast majority of your twenty million Negro brothers smothering in an air tight cage of poverty in the midst of an affluent society” (King) or “a five-year old son asking in agonizing pathos: ‘Daddy, why do white people treat colored people so mean?’” (King). Usually the reverse is what happens and meant to put the color people down because they are black, or someone believes they live in far different and far better. Based on physical, geographic, and cultural cues, people divide themselves into different groups to serve the interest of their group. Dr. King wanted to break this social construct, break the comparison between others. Although people have a difference in skin color, hair texture, and eye shape; King believes we all have the common ancestral and cannot think about ourselves as separate from all the other people in the world. Judith Butler discusses the social construction of body, sex, and gender. 

She provides legal and psychiatric case of individual Joan/John to make clearly about the body politic. A boy has accidentally burned his penis when he turned eight-month years old. In order not to get inflection, the doctor convinced his parents cutting his penis and grew he up as a girl. Although the doctor tried to give Joan/John female hormonal shots, the narrative got more complicated for Joan/John grew and end up identifying more a male than female. Without asking permission, the doctor decided to build Joan/John as a female instead of a male, which was erroneous. This is an argument between communal and biological a debate for sex/gender in which the medical establishment constructs a body. 

Therefore, return to who he is, who he wants to be, Joan/John asked for transsexuality to achieve a sense of naturalness. This can be considered as the premise of transsexuality. When someone feels something wrong in their body, in which they understand their body in the name of nature, they can create a genetic destiny. Gender is known as a fluid gender where gender can also vary as random of identity as male, female, neutrois, or any other non-binary. Where justice is denied and where the ignorance prevails, Martin Luther King and Judith Butler would argue it. With the knowledge and honoring for justice, they have built the definition of their own justice to influence humans that fighting for human rights through the Letter to Birmingham Jail and Undoing Gender. The right is not separated from others all over the world. The right is the equality between sexes. The definition of justice itself purely the human construct that two authors talk about race and gender. In its aspect, justice is a way that protects the right of humans. 

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