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Why Weed Should Be Legal

Marijuana could be an economical marvel and social marvel that should be praised rather than shunned by society. Police waste an unimaginable amount of money and time waging a futile war on such harmless and docile drugs that could be regulated to be safer than...

The Ethics of Legalizing the Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

“Being a winner” is a position that almost every person would want to be in, right? There’s the fame, there’s the money... but what else is there? An athlete may not even be mentally stable after winning as sometimes the pressure on them to win...

Forms of Marijuana Legalization in Mexico

Marijuana’s legalization is becoming common nowadays. The legitimacy of its utilizations depends on the country they are being used in. Its use is mainly medicinal in most countries, howerver few countries do allow its use for personal use for pleasure, leisure and satisfaction. 21 countries...

Risks And Benefits Of Cannabis Legalization In New Zealand

Marijuana Legalization is a big topic in New Zealand right now. A recent poll done in NZ suggested that 52 percent of New Zealanders intend to vote against the legalisation of cannabis, while 39 percent want it legalised. This surprised me of how many people...

Argumentative Essay on Drug Legalisation in the U.S.

America is one of the countries which is facing drug abuse crisis, increased drug related violence and drug addiction cases. This has led to an argument on whether drug legalisation should be implemented as a strategy of curbing the negative effects associated with drug abuse....

Pro-Legalization Of Drugs: A Constant Battle

As it is always a challenge for society to become pro-legalization, drugs have been an epitome example as to why we are always in a constant battle. Countries all over the world have a stand in using illegal drugs and some of them are way,...

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