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Adnan Syed Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty

This last piece of evidence is very important as it complet----. In episode 9 of the podcast, a woman named Laura came out to Sarah Koenig testifying that “There’s no way, there was never any phones at Best Buy. There was never any phones around...

Why I Don't Think Adnan Syed is a Culprit in Hae Min Lee's Murder Case

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Has anyone ever accused you of doing something? Anything? Maybe like Stealing or breaking something on accident. Ok well you just got accused of murdering your Korean Ex-Girlfriend. That's exactly what happened to Adnan Syed back in 1999.The follows as so. On January 13, 1999...

False Acusation Without Evidence: The Unjust Case of Adnan Syed

Rabia Chaudry said, “Adnan Syed is being a member of the track team, football in addition to running a prayer in his mosque in such busy schedule how he can assume murder?' Many people judge his religion and have said that he is guilty for...

The Trial and Conviction of Adnan Syed

In January of 1999, Hae Min Lee, an 18 year old high school student went missing for almost a month. It wasn’t until February 9th that she was found dead in Leakin Park in Baltimore, Maryland. It was deduced that she was killed around the...

Why Adnan is Innocent: Wrongful Conviction in the Case Against Adnan Syed

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Twenty years ago Hae Min Lee was murdered. She was strangled and left in Leakin Park. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of her murder a year later. The only thing that lead the police to Adnan was a testimony from his friend, Jay Wilds....

The Question Unanswered: “The Case Of Adnan Syed”

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The famous documentary aired on HBO is taking people around the world by a storm, “The Case Against Adnan Syed” Directed by Amy Berg. This anecdote came into light when the famous American Life Podcast ‘SERIAL’ was disclosed in October 2014, with the genuine offense...

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