Government Should Put Laws Into Educational Places To Prevent Bullying

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Bullying is a form of belligerent behavior that is repeated in a relationship in which the preparator is perceived as having power than the victim, that results in hurt or harm to the victim (Rodkin, Espelage, & Hanish, 2015). The aggressive behavior associated with bullying is affected by the power the perpetrator holds over the victim. One potential form of power associated with bullying in the school environment is through aggression. Bullying laws are legislation that enacted for the safety of children at educational places and to stop any aggressive behavior. Anti-bullying laws make ensure that the school should frame anti-bullying policies, draft anti-bullying curricula and made procedure to report bullying.

Although some people argue that bullying makes the children tough enough and anti-bullying laws are against the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution, yet, bullying cause severe mental depression, degradation in education, increased substance use and in extreme case results in bullying. Bullying is immoral behavior. It is abusive behavior that disregards the consideration of the interests of those affected by bullying and it’s on the victims and the witness of such behavior. Researchers have found that bullying behavior among youth, continue through life. Reasons for bullying behavior range from feelings of neglect, abuse, influence, envy, and so much more. In addition, to having a positive view of violence, pathology of certain personality disorders or even biopsychological explanations for being inclined or driven to be abusive. Peoples argue that bullying are children who just mess around, joking with one another. “They just children leave them alone”, said Samantha Becker. “Bullying is innocent”. They say bullying makes the children strong enough and they learn to manage their disputes. Bullying gives the children a chance to have confident in their peers. It teaches them how to cope with difficult situation. However, if we stop them from bullying now, then they will lose confidence in themselves and they will have no confidence on their peers. As Dr Guldberg said the current “obsession” with bullying among teachers was robbing children of the “experiences they need to develop”(“The telegraph”).

Although, these are some good arguments against implementation of anti-bullying laws, but it is undermining the meanness of bullies. They are not looking at the real matter from different prospective. But, maybe if we look at the matter it will be clarify that bullying because more harms to the individual as well as society. Supporters of bullying doesn’t understand the feeling of a mother losing a beloved love ones in the terror of bullying. The bullies doesn’t think of others how they feel, they bully others just to amuse themselves, or to make themselves look good. Bullies underestimate that severe causes like depression, loneliness, and mental issue which are long lasting. A research conducted by Isabelle Ouellet-Morin, a scientist at the Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS) at the Hospital Louis-H showed that although kids who are bullied produce less stress hormones, cortisol but them behave more aggressively and have trouble with interacting others (“Medical News Today”). Therefore, instead of grooming the children to making their life worst, anti-bullying laws need to be enforced.

The scars left from bullying are enduring, therefore its not rational to put the lives of the children at risk by considering bullying as mean of confidence building. In contrast of, there is a misunderstanding that people consider “bullying” as a Freedom of speech”. As the First Amendment of the US Constitution said, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, a prohibiting the free exercise thereof; of abridging the freedom of speech…” (The Bill of Rights”). Freedom of speech is a constitutional individual or community to articulate their opinion or sharing ideas. The Freedom of speech has some limitation on speeches to result into harmful situations like hate comments, copyright violation and pornography. So anti-bullying laws should be made to keeping in mind that it should counterpart the Freedom of speech. In 1947, the Bethel School District v. Fraser case Matthew Fraser was suspended from school for making a speech of sexual double extenders at a school assembly. The Supreme Court held his suspension that did not violate the First Amendment (“Bethel School District No. 403 V. Fraser) | Case briefs”). Freedom of speech means raising your voice and speak up for your rights. As in the case of Bethel School District No. 403 v. Fraser the court gave decision against Matthew Fraser because freedom of speech does not entrust you to harm others by your speech. The feelings of depression and unsecured have worse impacts on which becoming long-lasting.

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The research of Ouellet-Morin’s shows that being a victim of childhood bullying alters the structure which surrounds a gene that controls mood, which in turn, makes victims more susceptible to processing mental health issues as they grow older. (“Medical News Today”). The act of bullying at schools has severe mental issues for students due to an unwelcome pressure from environment. The health of student effect as well as sleeping problems that arise. Another consequence of bullying is the betraying of victims to focus on studies which result in degradation in educational performance. It causes difficulty in concentration on studies and decreases the ability to remember things which results in lowering of GPA. Due to repeated bullying, the student takes away their attention from their studies while there is always a threat of being bullied. They cannot even visit the library or computer lab because these are hot spots of bullying. Such as “Cyberbullying”. They may experience low self-esteem, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts. The victims of a bully are most often dealing with the bullies rather than theirs class assignments which result in poor academic performance. As the victim is always in the threat of being bully and insecure at school so they couldn’t learn better at school. Bullying at school results in deep impacts throughout life because it prevents individuals to show their special talents and potential. Furthermore, the substance use in the childhood is an important point that should be given consideration. In childhood and adolescence when the child is immature there is a greater probability of betraying them towards addictive things. Bullying cause severe mental depression and high mental stress to the victim so to minimize these depressions the victim starts using drugs to self-medicate which became addictive with time. Students who bully others are at increased risk for substance use, academic problems, and violence later in adolescence and adulthood (“Media Kit”). Though the bully and victim both are at risk of substance use in adolescence. The bully uses it because they groom in such environment which compel towards addictive things while the victim uses it to relive from pain.

Over the past few decades, research has showed that the social connectedness of an individual in early period has deep impact on there mood and substance use. A survey was done by U. S. Health Behavior in School-Age Children (HBSC) confirmed the result that all form of bullying increases the symptoms of depression increase in substance use among teenage girls. (“HBSC Survey: Findings from 0910 Survey”). The bullying in secondary school results in hyperactivity that results in a series of mental issues which increased the probability to drink up to the level of drunkenness and increase the rate of smoking, Studies have found that boys who reported being bullies at age eight were more likely than non-bullies or victims to report illegal drug use or a greater magnitude of drug use at age 18 also concluded that bullies were 4. 8 times more likely to engage in frequent excessive drinking and 8. 2 times more likely to use other substances than those not engaged in bullying. (Addiction Research & Therapy). The research validates that there is a deep connection between bullying and substance use in adolescence, so laws should be enforcing to prevent bullying at schools and colleges. Bullying results in mental disturbance so the victim seek comfort in addictive things like cigarette, drugs, alcohol, etc. Which became addictive with time making the life of the victim miserable. Moreover, the victims feel embarrassing and humiliated due to stress and peer pressure which if not relieved end up committing suicide. The bullies use discouragement and humiliation sentences to the victim feeling inferior. He starts thinking that no one cares about him/her and he/she feels lonely and isolated which results in bullycide. The environment of bullying triggers different mental issues which ultimately become the cause of suicide. Bully is a persistent problem due to immense increases lives being taken away of many innocent, intelligent, and hardworking students.

At the early age children are not mature enough to know due to the repeated stress and pressure caused by his/her classmate or friends it changes their personality and they start looking at world from a different perspective. They lose their ability to trusting someone and their life become miserable and they commit suicide from the bullying at school. The bullies do it just to entertain themselves without knowing the unintended consequence of bullycide. These bullies are formed because they were also once bullied now they think that it is their right to bully other students.

So, if we once stop bullying once for all then no more victims will be there which results in no more bully. Research has shown that over 15 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 9 percent have attempted it. Bully victims are between 3 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University. As stated in previous paragraphs bullying has worst impacts on the bully as well as on the victim. It affects their educational, personal life and in cases it results in bullycide. So, it is essential to join a program of anti-bullying so that anti-bullying laws should be enacted to ensure the rights of children at educational places. If Schools community and society join hands in the program of anti-bullying, then federal government will be compelling to frame anti-bullying laws. Students should be encouraged to tell about bullying. The bullying laws should incorporate the comprehensive and clarify definition of bullying.

In case of implement, schools bullying laws the school environment will be safe for the students. Anti-bullying programs give students the environment at school that they should be able to give their attention at studies and should not face any challenges. It is the responsibility of an institution to give their students safe and favorable environment therefore schools should adopt anti-bullying programs to show their concerns on the issue. Anti-bullying programs are major purpose in our society to we should accompany them to safe learning environment at schools. In short bullying neither only makes the life of individual worst by mentally challenging him but its also affect the other members of the society. So, we should support the anti-bullying programs to struggle for rights of victims and for the enactment of anti-bullying laws.

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