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My Career Goals In Criminal Justice Major

Criminal justice is a course that primarily associated with law enforcement. Interestingly, criminal justice has been broadening with time, and even equipping learns to venture into other careers not related to law enforcement. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice major can equip one to become...

The Expression of Uncertainty Reduction and Social Learning Theories in the TV Show The Blacklist

Investigation is the action of investigating something or someone; formal or systematic examination or research. Criminal investigation is an applied science that includes the investigation of concrete evidence that are to advise criminal preliminaries. A total criminal investigation can incorporate interrogations, searching, cross examinations, evidence...

Access of FBI to Apple's Production and Userbase

Wireless electronic devices such as cell phones are among our most personal and intimate possessions, they also became essential tools for full participation in communication therefore they can be regarded in modern life as powerful tracking devices that can potentially violate individual privacy. In 2016,...

The Requirements and Opportunities to Become an FBI Agent

The FBI Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C but they have various agencies all over United States of America. The FBI used to be known as the BI or BOI (Bureau Investigation or Bureau of Investigation). The name of the FBI was changed in 1935...

The Establishment of FBI Under Hoover's and Martin Luther King's Opposition

This Bureau was created in 1908-1909 because the people found it necessary to have more protection from other countries that threatened our nation’s security. America’s population was increasing, and so was crime. The government realized this great need for more highly trained agents to secure...

Overview Of The Federal Bureau's Investigation

The Federal Bureau's investigation is a necessary part of the American legal system and is liable to violation and arrest of terrorism. They set up a system named Virtual Case File System where users could distribute files and require up to $ 170 million. However,...

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