Overview Of The Federal Bureau's Investigation

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The Federal Bureau’s investigation is a necessary part of the American legal system and is liable to violation and arrest of terrorism. They set up a system named Virtual Case File System where users could distribute files and require up to $ 170 million. However, due to various problems like many obstacles, price overruns, conflicting and contradictory organizational operations, the system was abandoned.

Giving data was never part of the agents and the FBI was reluctant to fear for their safety. The FBI uses a different, easier method to give information named Next Generation Identification. This will stop the crime and secure the American people.

Issue 1- FBI agents are not obliged to transmit their data via a PC. They never give any information whatsoever. Thus, running a system based on data is not the standard would eventually remedy the failure of the operation.

Issue 2 – The FBI spent in a system where the largest number of users are not forced to have enough agents without an appropriate understanding of the system, that would create incompetence to the FBI due to the data loss. The agents did not know how to work with the system and they never learned it either.

Issue 3- The VCF has reached $ 170 million because of many obstacles and poor preparation. The FBI ended up considering its budget because of its underrated values or its purchase for useless things. This eventually led to the VCF being destroyed and irresponsible.

The FBI is recognized around the world for its actions to defend the American people from all menaces. They have the chances to associate with global agencies from different nations like Canada to increase their security. But, being a candidate for the FBI is not a safe job and they suffer from cuts.


  1. The FBI should begin asking its agents to work with the system. They should make it obligatory, if it is secure, to provide data to better preserve their nation. This will take time because agents are not applied to data sharing in a long-term investment.
  2. Comprehensive training programs and manuals for agents so they can simply utilize the new system. This will take some time for the agents, particularly the old ones because they are not applied to the new system.
  3. Hiring a project manager experienced in large-scale designs, will avoid wasting funds and will validate that the project stays in the fund and will not spend all the dollars in taxes.
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