How Motivation and Dedication Helped Me to Find My Goal in Life

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When you have motivation, it helps you build determination to achieve your goals and do things that exceeds your limits. It is hard to strive for success and happiness when there is no motivation in the air. You need it to keep you from failing your goals in life. Many teens and adults, and even kids are in need of motivation in order to be productive throughout their lives. In my opinion, it helps achieve goals, set priorities in life, builds confidence, and etc.

One of my biggest motivations in life right now is my desire to be successful and happy. I was always taught at a young age that happiness and being successful in life is really important. In the past 2 years I started working at my dad’s company. Seeing how successful it is and learning and being there, helped me think that I need to start putting more dedication and effort into my education in order to be successful. Doing well in school makes me feel like I’m a step closer into achieving my goals through life. Having the thought of getting good grades and doing well in school motivates me to do better and try and make the best out of it. Another thing that motivates me in life is playing soccer. Throughout my entire middle school and beginning of high school I played soccer with Detroit United fc. It motivated me to feel more confident whenever we win a game, and to be more active and out there. It also helped me set priorities in life such as making new friends, having fun, and living life to the fullest.

Whenever I’m asked the question where I’m headed in life, I tend to think about my future and how I want it to be. What I know is I want to do something that I’m excited and passionate about. I want to wake up knowing I will be doing something I love and that I know I will excel at. Of course, my main goal is to be successful and happy, and satisfied with my life choices, but with that comes dedication and effort. I realized that in order to have achieved those so-called goals, I have to set my priorities. In the next few years, I hope to have accomplished and conquered one of the most important goal I have set myself to achieve, which is to get into dentistry. In the future, I want to be satisfied with my decisions, and most of all live up to the expectations I have set for myself. In order to know I have accomplished what needs to be accomplished, is when I know I’m able to live my life for myself and provide love and support to others.

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Motivation is a force that comes within, and it helps us push through things that are difficult, and hard to overcome. One of the biggest motivators here is me. A way on how I try to motivate myself is by setting a mindset. When you don’t concentrate on a task or goal, you may never get it done. Think about how great you feel when you have accomplished what you’ve done, and that there will motivate me to do more. When I used to play soccer, I always wanted to give up at some point, but what got me there is my coach and my family as my supporters. They made sure that I had potential in trying to win and motivated me to go out there and beat the team. They encouraged me by giving me motivational speeches which at some point I thought were boring, but it helped me a lot.

My personal learning objectives (PLO) in the English classroom is to be able to write a well sophisticated essay. To do so, it requires me to concentrate and to be more organized. Ways I can be motivated is by setting my priorities to it. I need to pay attention more and make sure I’m asking more questions and understanding the criteria. Another of my personal learning objectives is to try using less words. I tend to make my writing too wordy by using too many words. I add too many details that aren’t needed. I plan on fixing this problem by going through my writing and revising it as much as I can. When writing, I believe it’s about quality, not quantity. So, having a long 5-page essay isn’t going to help when it doesn’t have quality.

In conclusion, through dedication, motivation, and hard work, it will help me set my goals and priorities in life. With this in mind, I believe that it will help me become a better version of myself and boost myself esteem.

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