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Mercy, A Special Love We Have and Should Share

The gift of mercy is something we Christians are all too aware of. We have been blessed to receive it and because of it, we were saved. Let’s face it. Without the help of Jesus, we wouldn’t be able to get into heaven at all....

Just Mercy: Shedding Light on Important Issues

The introduction chapter in the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson starts to shed light on some very important issues. He talks about how he got to fighting for incarcerated people, how unjust the prison system is and what led him to determine that. Bryan...

How the Concept of Mercy is Portrayed in the Bible

Throughout the bible mercy is displayed by God in numerous situations, even though we are not deserving of it. He took our burdens so that we could be free. Mercy is one of the central themes in the Bible and helps us to better connect...

A Twisted Story of Justice and Redemption in Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson’s is the author of the book Just Mercy: A story of justice and redemption, he starts off the book with an introduction where he talks about his early life back in 1983 he also talks about his career, and the plans he had...

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