Mercy, A Special Love We Have and Should Share

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The gift of mercy is something we Christians are all too aware of. We have been blessed to receive it and because of it, we were saved. Let’s face it. Without the help of Jesus, we wouldn’t be able to get into heaven at all. Ever since the first sin humanity has had, the harder the time we had trying to be worthy of heaven yet we never actually reached that point. In fact, we are never going to reach that point, we never stood a chance from the beginning. However, our God truly is a great God, isn’t He? That's because He loves us. He showed us mercy and gave us a chance to make amends with Him. He allowed us to reconnect with Him through the prophets and scriptures and made sure our relationship with Him kept going. Perhaps the best show of mercy He did was by sending His precious Son to aid us in our spiritual poverty.

Here, mercy truly shines through not only with God’s action but with the actions of Jesus as well. Praise the Lord and thank Jesus for His sacrifices, reaffirm our connection with Him through the song 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus' performed by Alan Jackson. The Special Love That Mercy ShowsMercy is a form of love, a very special form of love. It is the kind of love that compels someone to reach out and help even when there is no gain. It is the kind of love that makes people step up and take other’s hands and lead them away from misery even if it could harm that person in the process.It is the kind of love that saved us from a lifetime of damnation that we brought upon ourselves because of our sins.

When God sent His Son to help us, it was because He saw that we were drowning in misery. We clearly needed some sort of guidance, so He sent us the most qualified for it. Image from FlickrWhen Jesus saw our state, He brought it upon himself to take our sins and suffered in our place. He did this because of the great mercy He has for us. Thanks to this, we now have been forgiven and can have eternal life. Since we are now given this chance because of mercy never forget to share it with others as well. When we see others suffering, never hesitate to show mercy, it may be difficult but remember the gift of mercy that both God and Jesus gave us. It is only right that we share this gift with others.

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