Essay Samples on Passion

Passionate Pursuit: Being Passionate About Art

Different pieces of artwork inspire people all around the world. Artists use a wide variety of techniques to make their work unique. While creating new pieces of art, it is common to look at other artists’ work for inspiration. While evaluating their artwork you can...

The Consequences of Losing Your Own Passion

Think about your passion, something you love to do, the thing that you look forward to. It could be anything from playing the piano to swimming or running/ Now imagine that thing being taken away from you. At the age of 6 I began little...

How Passion and Pragmatism Shape Individual's Life

Passion refers to something which drives you, something that completes you, something that satisfies you. Passion is what you have always dreamt of being, that which you work hard to achieve. Passion plays a very significant role when it comes to pursuing and choosing a...

Journaling and Barrett's Power Theory

Journaling is not my strongest passion, although I love to read them. Throughout my high school and college years I found myself loving to read historical journals. Reading journal entries that were written by people of the past shows me how precious our lives are,...

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