Overview Of My Most Pronounced Personality Traits

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  1. Kind hearted
  2. Passionate
  3. Noble

Human beings have different personality traits and most likely they are influenced by their peers as well as their background. I think to myself that you can be able to define a person’s character according to their actions and preferably how they relate with people around them. Due to our flaws and weakness as human beings, we tend to have both positive and negative traits. I tend to think of myself as a selfless human who puts other people’s interest above mine.

Kind hearted

I am a very kind hearted person and I have learnt this growing up. My parents raised me with a lot of struggles so I perfectly understand how it feels like to lack and be needy. Just the other day one of my friends asked me for some money to pay some of her bills and needed money for up keep. I didn’t have much at the time but I went ahead and shared with her the money I had for the week. I sometimes sympathies with my mom and help her with her daily chores at home since sometimes she can be preoccupied by a lot of activities at home. After school I help out with dishes and help my brother with his laundry as he helps our dad with his work. Sometimes I may come back from school very tired but it wouldn’t stop me from helping out.


I am very passionate in everything I do and I dedicate my time, energy and resources in everything I do. I am very committed and always give my best in all school work. In both school and in a job I always develop a positive mindset and thrive to achieve the best in every activity. I am very passionate about music and playing instruments and every time I get a chance to get into a studio I give it my all and I could sing like no one is watching. My dedication to my studies is also very intriguing and I make sure I attend my classes and always be attentive. I am committed to my studies and I want to come out with successful results.


From a young age I was taught by my mother on the advantages that comes with nobility. How I carry and conduct myself says a lot about me as a person. I have grown to be carry myself with respect. Having self-respect attracts respect from other people. For instance, how I dress as I head to school or when I’m working will trigger how people approach me. I am very honest and I’m never afraid to give an opinion on different subjects. Nobility comes with patience and for example, me as a student I have a lot of patience with my fellow classmates and I always take time to evaluate on matters before making a decision and coming into a conclusion. Sometimes different scenarios test my patience but I have learnt to be calm and deal with different issues with nobility.

Different characteristics define us as human beings and this traits are not permanent but can be improved with time. Having different weaknesses doesn’t make on a horrible human being but how we carry ourselves and how much we thrive to improve on them defines us. I am a very positive person and I always look at the bright side of life. One is not expected to be perfect rather, one should try to give the best of themselves to the people around them.

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