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Carnival as a Form of Popular Performance

The practice of carnival, no matter where or when you find it, is richly steeped in tradition and ritualistic practices.  To make clear the juxtaposition of practices within this article, Burke discusses various popular performance practices that have manifested in carnival historically and cross culturally....

Why I Respect My Saint Lucian Culture

My Culture as a Saint Lucian is a combination of English, French, and African heritage. Although the main language of the island is English, Créole, which is a form of French patois remains a secondary language. Saint Lucia had a long past under both French...

Mikhail Bakhtin's Concept of Carnival and Carnivalesque

Introduction Mikhail Bakhtin, a Russian philosopher who wrote on a variety of subjects, including his famous work Rabelais and his World, on the French Renaissance writer François Rabelais, where he discusses carnivalesque and Carnival. By definition, according to Bakhtin, it is the period of public...

The History of the Venice Carnival and Mask Tradition

The city of Venice in general is widely acclaimed due to it’s frequent appearances in art, music, theatre and literature, both new and old. It’s world renowned association with fancy dress or ‘masquerade ball’ masks is undeniable. From the city’s stunning architecture, river boats and...

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