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Moral Values I Was Taught by My Parents

Love. Caring One of them is love and caring as it is the fundamental for all the children in the family. Since young, they used to give me love and care by giving adoring environment at home. My father constantly invested his energy and time...

The Advantages of Being Sincere

In today’s world, there are many people from different backgrounds that mold their lives around the two human modes of interpersonal interactions, rituals and sincerity. The human characteristic, sincerity, if attained, is the antidote to empowering people to achieve personal refinement, whereas participating in rituals...

The Effects of Sincerity on Our Lives

Whoever Sows Truth does not always Reap Confidence Whoever usually sows truth, as amazing as it may seem, does not always receive confidence. When we talk about sincerity, we are undoubtedly facing a double-edged sword before which many feel uncomfortable and even threatened, because sometimes...

Sincerity And What It Means To Me

The Oxford dictionary defines sincerity as ‘the absence of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy.’ To me, sincerity means being kind and truthful and not being two-faced or a liar. When someone is sincere they say what they really believe. For example, you aren’t being sincere when...

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