Moral Values I Was Taught by My Parents

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Love. Caring

One of them is love and caring as it is the fundamental for all the children in the family. Since young, they used to give me love and care by giving adoring environment at home. My father constantly invested his energy and time with me after work. He regularly purchases gifts just to astonish the me during my young. This shows me that how important we have to spend time with loved ones no mater what. Plus, my mother invest a large portion of her energy just to take care of me and my siblings. She encourages me approaches to love and mind to everyone. She consistently remind me not to be egotistical and offer love to everybody.

My parents never fail to give my support during my hard times. Till today, I am following the principle educated by my parents since it profited me from numerous points of view. For example, earning more friends, regarded by everybody and having a blissful life in this general public. In a nutshell, loving and caring is an indispensable component to stay with that ought to be practice by everybody in their life.

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My parents start to implement the most vital criteria in me, which is Respect. They start to show me ways and explain me the reason why I should be respectful to everyone. I was taught to respect each other no matter what age of the person standing in front of me which able to help me gain good relations at every walks of life, be it family, workplace, or society. It also helps in finding the true purpose of my daily life. They teaches me ways to treat elder people well and method to respect them. Such as, they taught me to give a hand shake to people while greeting them. Plus, I was being taught to bow infront my grandparents when they come to my house. They explained clearly why I shoud do that, saying that it is a way to show respect to our eldery. At the end of the day, a lot of people respects me nor bless me for being very respectful to everyone. This become a energiser for me to continue the good act of mine.

Honesty and sincerity

Honesty is the best policy. My parents defining me why I have to be honesty in my daily life. From their point of view, being honest in this competitive world able to gain trust from everyone especially at home, school, or working place. As an obedient person, I applied the principle in my daily routine which gives me positive impact. For example, I successfully gain belief from my classmates and my team members who willing to give me a task or project for me to complete. This reflects me that the taught from my parents really worthy. Besides, my parents consistenly encourage me to be sincerity in task or work. So that I eligible to be a sincere person like a policeman or a politician whom are good at tasking their jobs. Hence proven that now I am a leader in Project Dte Moral as Head of Department. This shows me that being sincere and honest in tasking able to gain trust from team members who now elected me as a leader.


It is an open secret that being responsible for what we are doing and working on is a must. Not only that, we must also be responsible with what we have mess up. My parents continusouly remind me to not run away from responsiblilty that I face in my life since young. They always stand with me and guide me to face circumstance in problem during school days. However, they strictly taught me that I have to be independent while facing problem and responsibilities in this challenging society.

They started just monitoring me how I manage task and problems. From their taught, I learned more about how important that I have to be responsible while performing a work or group project. I get know that I have to be responsible while carrying out a task because there are people who are depending on me by trusting me. Moreover, my parents used to advice me to be responsible always because only a person who knows what he is doing, knows how to evaluate is job and responsiblility.

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