Searching For What Is The Value Of Life

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The significance of this quote is to simply educate and persuade those who are experiencing dilemmas and complications regarding their decisions, specifically what they aspire to do in life, to take into consideration that there are viable options to fulfill their lives. I agree with Steve Job’s assertion regarding that people should take into consideration that there are alternative options to fulfill and bring contentment to an individual’s interest in life because they may unexpectedly encounter something they are passionate about doing regardless of the obstacles they may encounter in life.

Steve Jobs invokes several quotes from his commencement address to discuss the significance of alternative paths to persuade his audience to never abdicate in life for failing to attempt to reach their main aspirations. For instance, in paragraph 15, he asserts, “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You’ve got to find what you love.” The significance of this quote is to inform the audience that obstacles are inevitable. Every individual experiences complication within their life whether it be failing to reach a specific aspiration or being fired from an admired occupation. Jobs specifically tells us to never lose faith regardless of how life unfair may be considering that eventually along the way, we may encounter something that will suit our interests and fulfill our expectations. Jobs also explicitly remarks that to discover what we truly are passionate about, we must first attempt to give opportunities that are being offered even if we are indecisive or reluctant, a try to ascertain whether it will satisfy our intuition and needs. Moreover, there are many opportunities an individual can receive in life, however, some of those opportunities may not satisfy us. Jobs makes a valid point when he states his assertion considering that most of us will disregard those opportunities even if we know those opportunities are beneficial to our success in life. Steve Jobs is a great example of this concept. Steve Jobs manifests that opportunities come and go, but not all of them will be worthwhile or guarantee an individual’s fulfillment in life. The fact that Jobs undergoes his experience of being incapable of going to college and being fired from the company that he has started gives the audience someone to relate to including myself in terms of failing to reach a specific aspiration. This is why his argument struck me profoundly in a way that causes me to take his side of the argument about never losing faith in the things that we have lost and cherished.

Most people fail at some point throughout their lives. It is an essential and fundamental component of life. For instance, Job also asserts, “Great individuals make a great success out of failure.” I agree with Jobs regarding his assertion considering that people have to generally fail before they find success – even though failure is frequently perceived as a lack of fortune or a deficiency of desirable attributes. However, failure is not a means to an end, nor does failure have to give any implication of permanence. Success is not an easy circumstance to come about, to notice. Preferably it is developed from perseverance, preparation, persistence, and confidence. Jobs specifically informs us that failure is something we should not allow to affect our ambitions in life considering that failure allows us to rectify our mistakes and become better in life, and thus, discover something we are passionate about.  

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