Is This Life Worth Living?

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Life is the greatest gift that we receive. It is a blessing and we should believe. It is not just given to us but this has a plan and purpose. We may not know what is this suppose. But why did others waste and decide to end their life? When there are a lot of reasons to live the life.

Life is an adventure. It begins when you are a little child. Innocent, simple minded and just wondering around. Then you will slowly start to grow up, become a student who work and study hard. But then we were also teenagers that is lively active and hype. Then an adult who has to work and earn money that makes them tired. In these stages of life where you explore the world full of curiosity, enhancing the hidden talent and ability, finding the truth and learning new things and no matter what stages of life we are starting to realize what really the meaning of life is. Life is exciting …Meeting and interacting with different people, creating random memories with one another, having care and sharing love for each other, treasuring the moments that heart will always remember.

Life is full of experience, it has positive and negative. There are always up’s and down. We obtain failures and triumphs, but that’s how life is being balance, Like a road…Sometimes smooth, sometimes rough, passing through the obstacles and bump. Like a ladder…We need to climb from below before we reach to the top. Efforts and Actions are needed. With also prayer and hardships, it will be succeeded.

Life is sometimes dark. Individuals who experience difficulties. Not only once but several times. Mind is full of stress, pain and frustration. Sad, Hate, Insecurities and Dissatisfaction can’t control your own emotion. Not knowing how to deal with the situation. That become the result of depression. But…Life has a bright side. Everyone has a dream to achieve, giving all effort and best to reach. From the ambition that serves as an inspiration, through the family who gave us motivation, it cheer and keeps up to move forward and go on.

In your life, You need to…Carefully use the time to spend. Be yourself and don’t pretend. Smile, Relax and Feel the pleasure. Do not be bother with the pressure. Don’t just always frown and complain. Learn to have fun and endure the pain.

Life is enjoying. When we are contented and has a satisfaction. When we accept our defeat and rejection. When we realize things back and forth. When we found our self-worth. When we overcome our fears. When we survive the painful tragedies.

After all, life is made up of choices. The past, present and the future has a connection in our every little or big decision. So before it’s not too late, learn from all your mistakes. Learn to forgive and forget. Value the life and remove all your regret. Live life to the fullest. Know your duty and responsibilities. Take the chance and grab the opportunities.

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