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The Health Benefits of Yoga and Laughter

If you are reading my essay, you might think that yoga and laughter is a weird combination just based on the title. However, it is actually a reasonable combination, especially when we are talking about how to best take care of ourselves. One of the...

An Evolutionary Take On Humor and Laughter

 Despite the common assumption that most times people laugh is in response to a joke, laughter is more often a function of the human need to feel a sense of connection to others, a way of feeling like one belongs. Studying its origin in primates...

Patch Adams The Film: Importance Of Humour In Treating

Patch Adams is a 1998 true-to-life movie of a Doctor who attempted to cure patients with laughter, based on their natural persona and mixing equal doses of humor and laughter. Hunter “Patch” Adams, played by Robin Williams, discovers the hope of his calling “to help...

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