My Love For The Art Of Baking

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I grab the key ingredient, flour, from the cabinet. I hear the large swoosh of the fan as the white powder swirls around. I tie my hair back and pour the dusty powder in a cup. 2 ½ cups. 3 cups. 1 ⅓ tablespoon. I carefully measure out each element with great precision. As I go to fold together all the ingredients, I hear a noise. Beep. Beep. Beep. I run to the oven and open the door. A sharp aroma fills the room. I smile. This is what makes me happy. I believe in doing something that you love, something that consumes you, and doing it to your heart’s content. When I bake, my problems and worries disappear. My burning anger, my stress induced headache, my shakey scared nerves. They all disappear. All that is left is me, my ingredients, and my love. My love for the creation. My love for the feeling I get when that final product emerges from the oven, glowing and sparkling. My love for the art. The arts are what I love to do. Painting. Crafting. Baking. Creating. Each and every one fills me up and brings me to life. The feeling I get when I draw out a design in my head, when I fill the canvas with the colors around me, when I watch the story come to life, when I blend and create new colors that turn what was once nothing into a beautiful new world, when I paint, it brightens my world. It makes me feel alive and free. These are the things that fill me up and make me happy, they are my love.

I believe everyone deserves to have something they love to do. There are so many possibilities for love and passion in the world today, whether it be for sports, music, art, or any of the other thousand things in world. All someone has to do is find their passion, and do it to their heart’s content. People’s lives are constantly filled with anger, greed, anxiety, stress, and so much more. Having a hobby, a passion, a love for the art, provides an escape from all these damagining emotions. It provides a place where people can go and just breathe without the temptations and anxieties of the world.

Without having my art, my baking, my passion, there would be nothing to fill me up. Nothing to give my life meaning. Nothing to fill me with happiness, with passion, with love. Without having something to do that I love, I would miss out on the wonders and true feelings of the love of the act. I believe in always doing what you love.

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