The Joy Soccer Brings to Me and Many Others

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Joy is an essential feeling for us human beings. It is basically the feeling you get when you are doing something you love. Joy has long been identified as an important feeling for humans. Ancient Greek philosophers such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato believed that eudaimonia (happiness) was the ultimate goal of human existence.

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For some people, what brings them joy is listening to music. For others, it is playing a musical instrument. For me, my main source of joy is soccer. It is the sport with the greatest number of followers in the world. I love everything that has to do with the sport; from playing soccer to watching soccer games to playing soccer video games.
Growing up in England and Nigeria has had a huge influence on my love for the sport. England, being the origin of soccer, most of the kids dabble in the sport at a point in their life. There are numerous soccer clubs to join and play for in your community. In Nigeria, it is the most popular sport by a significant margin. The country is full of passionate supporters and the love for the sport spreads throughout the country.

I started playing soccer at a very young age. I first joined a soccer team in elementary school, which was my school’s team. I really love playing soccer mainly because of the feeling I get from doing so. It gives me the opportunity to be able to freely express myself on the field. That is why my favorite position to play is in the midfield because it enables me to orchestrate the activities taking place on the field. The feeling I get from playing a soccer match for my school's varsity team is incomparable not to speak of scoring for the team. I also really enjoy the leadership opportunities and co-operation playing the sport also offers.

Watching soccer matches has become a routine for me. I look forward to weekends due to the soccer matches that will take place. I always endeavor to watch the matches of my favorite soccer team (Arsenal FC). Even when I go on vacation to the United States, I strive to wake up early due to the time difference, to watch their matches. The feeling I experience when the soccer team I support scores a last-minute winner in the final minutes of a match is unparalleled. I dream of attending a live Arsenal soccer match one day with us turning out to be victorious. I also really enjoy playing soccer video games. I either play online or with my friends when they visit. In general, I'm really passionate about soccer and I'm crazily in love with the sport, which gives me great joy.

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