Why I Think Football is a Great Sport

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Football is the most addicting game in the world. It is a very interesting game. Also, this sport is played two teams against each having 11 players. This sport is known as soccer. Football is a fun game activity to play together with your friends or teammates. In addition, it is a local and international contest of this game playing in 90 minutes or they can be divided into two sections of the 45 minutes each. However, football has many competitions involving Asian Cup, Champions League, and La Liga. Football is playing at a professional level all over the world and thousands of its lovers go to encourage their favorite team for two main reasons.

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First of all, these popular games helps players stay fit and healthy. Football is effective for maintaining health, fitness, and survival. Furthermore, football can be a great workout to lowers body fat and improves muscle tone. In addition, playing football is a great activity for building muscles and maintaining physical strength through various physical movements, such as jumping, sprinting and running. This mean, some players prepare to play football by getting excellent physical condition. A healthy body is very necessary to avoid illness and to stay alive.

Another important point of playing football is that existence of a leader. A leader in football is a very significant football team is successful when you have a strong supporting from top and down from the leader to the player. For example, the leader works as well as how a team can become effective with the right leadership in place. In addition, there are multiple qualities for a successful leader, including take responsibility and the ability to plan and develop constructive and powerful plans. Also, the leader can cheerleading and reward for the player who makes any accomplishment even if it's simple. A leader is a useful tool for most aspects of life.

To conclude, there are many reasons why I think football is a great sport must be required in football some of the reasons include, stay fit and healthy and the existence of a leader. I recommend people drinking water during sports because the water helps clean the body of toxins and promote the burning process to lose the fat body that you store. Another suggest people should losing the overweight because some people are infected with diseases like cancer, they should follow the health supplies or go to the nutrition specialist.

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