The People Versus OJ Simpson Also Known as Orenthal James Simpson

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Orenthal James Simpson, more commonly known as O.J. Simpson, was a former star football player for the Buffalo Bills. According to many, he was considered one of th best football players in NFL history. In 1977, O.J. Simpson met Nicole Brown at a private club where she was working as a waitress at the time, she was only eighteen years old. Eight years after Nicole and O.J. met for the first time in 1977, they married. Not long after the newly-wed couple married, they welcomed their first child together, Sydney Brooke Simpson, later in 1985. Three years following Sydney's birth, O.J. and Nicole had their second and final child, Justin Ryan Simpson. O.J. and Nicole reportedly had a rocky relationship from the start. During their years of marriage, there was constant fighting, excessive jealousy, and a few case of domestic violence. Ultimately, the couple did not stay together and got divorced in October of 1992. After two years apart, Nicole Brown and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found murdered outside of her house in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. O.J. Simpson was accused of the murders of both Nicole and Ron. Following the accusations, O.J. was arrested and taken to court. I believe that O.J. committed these crimes. There are several pieces of evidence that prove he did so. Perhaps, the most incriminating pieces of evidence from the crime scene include, a previous history of 911 calls from Nicole regarding O.J.’s savage behavior and domestic violence incidents, blood evidence at both the crime scene and O.J.’s driveway, house, and sock, lastly, the infamous bloody glove at the crime scene and its matching pair at O.J.’s home (The Incriminating Evidence.) All of these pieces of evidence serve as proof that O.J. Simpson committed the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

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On several occasions in O.J. and Nicole’s marriage, O.J. physically and emotionally abused Nicole. In October of 1993, Nicole made two 911 calls to report that O.J. was raging and threatening her just outside of her Los Angeles home. On the call, Nicole was recorded saying, “He’s ranting and raving outside.” and followed with, “He’s going to beat the (explicit language) out of me” (The Washington Post.) The history of domestic violence, with 911 calls to prove O.J.’s aggressive tendencies, serve as both motive and evidence against O.J. Simpson.

Blood evidence was considered to be another big breakthrough in the O.J. Simpson case. Investigators collected many different pieces of blood evidence that supported the fact that O.J. committed the crimes. The pieces of evidence found at the crime scene included, the killers blood, whose blood type matched that of O.J.’s, the blood of O.J., Nicole, and Ron found in O.J.’s car, and Nicole’s blood found at O.J.’s home. The prosecution team had expert DNA analysts test the blood samples found at each scene and the results stated that the odds of the killer being someone other than O.J. were nearly impossible (The People Vs. OJ Simpson).

Lastly, a bloody glove was found at Nicole’s home where the murders were committed. The matching glove was found at O.J.’s home. Nicole had previously bought the pair of gloves at Bloomingdales in 1990, they were said to be O.J.’s same glove size. The gloves Nicole purchased were of the same brand of gloves that O.J. wore between the years 1990 and 1994 (The Incriminating Evidence.) The pair of gloves plays a crucial role in the O.J. trial and adds to the heaping amount of evidence that was found against him. This evidence not only allowed investigators to connect O.J. to the scene, but further argued that he was infact Nicole and Ron’s killer.

The O.J. Simpson trial was not only an important case for O.J., but for all of the United States. When the trial was in session, every news station was showing live feed from the courtroom. Citizens of the United States followed this case from the beginning. There was a gret amount of controversy regarding the case as racial tension grew across the country. Many believed that O.J. was wrongfully convicted solely based on his race, while others believed in the evidence that proved he was infact a murder. After almost an entire year in court, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Throughout the course of this case, many errors were made by investigators. Despite the fact that some evidence was unreliable, there were several pieces of evidence that included factual information and statistics to prove that O.J. was the killer. Nicole Brown’s calls to 911 and documented history of domestic violence while in a relationship with O.J. further provide us with information on O.J.’s aggressive nature and a possible motive for murdering her and her friend. Blood samples and evidence found at the crime scene and O.J.’s home allowed investigators to connect O.J. to the scene of the crime and convict him of murder. After finding the bloody glove at the crime scene and the matching pair at O.J.’s house, the gloves were found to be the same size and brand of gloves that O.J. had previously owned. This information allowed the prosecution team to strengthen their argument and convince others of his guilt. Even twenty years after O.J. was acquitted, both forensic science and crime scene investigation are still feeling the trials affects today. Due to the errors made by investigators, Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman never received the justice they deserved.

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