Essay Samples on Murder

The Wrongful Conviction of Adnan Syed

Twenty years ago Hae Min Lee was murdered. She was strangled and left in Leakin Park. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of her murder a year later. The only thing that lead the police to Adnan was a testimony from his friend, Jay Wilds….

Serial Killers: To Be Or Not To Be

“We serial killers are you sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow” (Ted Bundy, 1989). Theodore Robert Bundy was one, if not THE most infamous, prolific serial killers that we have on record (that…

The Conviction and Verdict of Child Murderers

Murder. It’s a horrendous crime no matter the age of those who are committing the crime. Through this essay I will be referring to the crime murder, defining what it is and the consequences of committing it. I will discuss adult prisons and young offenders’…

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