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The Ethics Of Rape Culture: Victim Blaming

It is no secret that rape culture is overwhelmingly prevailing in the modern era. Rape culture is a society or environment where there is a normalization of sexual assault and abuse. It is not just the fixate on high-profile rape cases, such as Harvey Weinstein’s...

Legitimate Victims: Victim Blaming In Male Rape Cases

This essay will argue that adult male rape victims are not recognised as ‘legitimate victims’, despite changing attitudes towards the issue in recent years. Victimological perspectives, especially the earliest ones developed by Hans Von Hentig and Benjamin Mendelsohn, play significant a role in causing victim...

Effects Of Childbirth On Rape Victims

Childbirth and rape. Two completely different situations with polar opposite emotions attached to them. It would be unsettling to ever try to imagine how the two would work together, but have you ever stopped to think about what happens when these worlds collide? How does...

The Myths and Stereotypes that Surround Rape

Rape is a social problem that still remains, rape myths are defined as beliefs that are falsely made about rape in general, rapists, and those raped; rape myths are also defined as prejudicial and stereotyped, and cultural attitudes and gender roles contribute to the acceptance...

The Safety of Sex Offender Registry

Today’s society is centered around violence and crimes, most of which involve children. With the wellbeing of children at stake people wanted to create something that provided protection against the cruel world. In people’s rush to provide protection they created the sex offender registry. On...

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