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Factors to Prevent Piracy Issues in Maritime Industry

The problem of piracy has had a negative impact on both commercial and humanitarian aid shipping, as a result of rising commodity prices, income from commercial activities are being disrupted, and caused delays in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and increased costs. The economic impact...

The Ethical Dilemma Around Music and Media Piracy

Throughout the years, the film and music industries have had to come up with ways to protect themselves against copyright piracy. Through the emergence of software’s like LimeWire and Piratebay that allow users to illegally download music and movies respectively, these industries lose a lot...

The Impact of Piracy on Business Profitability

What Does Piracy Mean? Piracy refers to the unauthorized or illegal reproduction of copyrighted content which is then sold at very low prices in the 'grey' market. Over the years, as the ease of access to technology increased, piracy has become more frequent. For instance,...

Digital Piracy as Main Crime of 21st-Century

Humans have been performing illegal activities for years. With today’s 21st-century society being technology, illegal activity within the technological/internet-based realm is a major occurrence. Digital piracy is the illegal trade in software, videos, digital video devices, and music. Piracy occurs when someone other than the...

Data Piracy Issue in India and Government’s Ignorance

Future Impact of Data Piracy Old vs new data piracy: There are 2 major components of data piracy. Copying or stealing the data unethically Selling or distributing the pirated data. Due to growth of technology data piracy has become more and more common and easier...

How to Concluded Three Digital Piracy Issues

Issue #1: The main economical issue piracy causes is fundamentally disabling the rightful owner/s of the content from obtaining any funds compared to a legitimate, official purchase. Statistically, the United States’ motion picture, sound recording, business software, and entertainment software production facilities lost above 20...

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