The Concept of Control in Rape Culture and Modern Society

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Rape is a sexual assault that occurs when one ore more individuals put themselfs on someone without there consent. This can be done in many ways for example this can be done by force or by being threatened or by being manipulated, it is the name of statutory crimes in the united kingdom, northern islands, scotland, california and new york city. Rape is know to be one of the most serious of crimes, it is one of the most serieous sexaul offence inside of the english criminal law system. The state does punish the opposing sex of the offence very serverly. It is an offence that the united kingdom made it illegal in 2005.( Section 1 of the sexual offences act 2005). The law of rape was simultaneously ebrassed by thr americans in the 17th century and in the 18th century. However in the 20th century spousal rape was not at first though of as rape but as time has gone by through out the years changes have been made to martial rape and has been made an exemption. Throughout history some of the sexual histories of those who have made a complaint have been permitted where they have voiced what is rejected to the fact that they have had sexual encounter prior. In this essay i will be stating the legislation of rape and what it is i will also be talking about how rape has been dealt with over history and will be looking into feminist criminology in regards to it being a “ concious process of intimidation by all men keep women in a state of fear”. Brownmillers against our will dmeonstrated feminist criminologist agendas, sexual violence and its history, it demonstrates how widespread it is in amongst women however social histroical studies does show that rape is a phemoniom and it is essentiall rooted in males opposing women.Susan Brownmiller argues that type is a conscious process of intimidation by all men and they keep women in a state of fear, she described rape as being a warfare.

Rape is described as being a devient crime. Rape has played a big part in history, alot of the men who have shared there story on rape have seen it as a vcitory. War has played a big par in rape itself, from sovient soldiers in germany in wor war 2, genocide in rewanda. Alexandra the great as told by greek hisotrian believe that he was the one who contributed to the rise of sexual assault.The rape of the sabine women where the romans came and killed the sabine men and would take the women. Another well known story is the story of Recy Taylor at age 24 she was kidnapped by 6 men. Rape in war was there to destroy familys, as soldiers would make the husband watch there wife, daughters be raped by either themselfs or make the brother and sister to partake in the crime. This is known to be genocide rape. In rewanda women were raped hundreds of thousands of womens were raped And a rape camp was made for the serbian womens. In 2001 the ICYTY found three soldiers guilty of rape against humanity.en in 1944 when she walking home from church and was taken and gang raped in the back of a truck her rape and how the case was handled help to stimulate the civil rights movement. A lot of feminist believe that rape is wrong and it is often ignored and legitimized. Alot of females do not talk out on rape as most of the times they dont feel like people will listen majority of the police force is Men and who has the power to decide if the women has been raped or not? Men do. When a man comits rape they feel as if they should be glorified most time they believe that they have gotten away with it and that they feel like they have made an accomplishment that they have recieved some sort of reward by the action that they have made, most men who commit such a crime do not feel the guilt that they have taken away something from the female to them it is a game. It is expected for a man to make decisions of legal, social they have power over women and they decide what is important and what is not important. Feminist have argued that rape should be an offence without a mens rea being required. Rape implicates that it is wrong, it is forced that is used upon somebody, it is disregarding the other persons decision. Rape has also played a big part racialy, from girls in care, from prison and also during slavery. It plays a very big part.In the united states a long history white men raped their african american slaves as they where there property they owned them and they felt that as they belonged to them that it was okay to use them at their advantage to quench their thirst. The men always benefited from something they were not punished but instead to them they felt as if they were rewarded for this an example that i can give is if a slave became impregnated by the master they would be rewarded with another slave.The masters would also force other slaves to have sex with other slaves in order to produce more slaves for the. When this happened they were silenced.

Men have control on what is also being posted in todays society news outlets and social media play a big part in how they like to portray the victim by calling the female names and digging deep into her background to see what kind of person they are. Instead of feeling sorry or a type of way towards the female they will instead sympathise over the person who committed the crime. Rape society has been described as a “complex of beliefs that encourages male sexual aggression and supports violence against women,” this also links back to what Susan Browmiller says about men keeping women in a state of power. Its is crediting not just the physical side but also the emotional side to scare women. (Buchwald, Fletcher, and Roth, 1993). These tactics are there to scare the women which is making them afraid to even come out at night by themself to even go out and have fun and restrict the way that they are dressed as they feel threatened to even think about being raped. Online presence shapes the way people think and the way that people see things. The fact that there is not enough resources for people to get information from is because people look up to social media as news.its as if online presence normalizes the idea of rape. Feminist theories about rape is based on discipline as well as womens own insight on their own rape experiences and there udnerstanding that they gained through out the years. Susan Borwmiller points out that men have some sort of control over women. Women look up to men to protect them and to help them in there time of need as they are more known to be dominant. Men feel like they can trust the system to have their backs on the other hand females do not feel as if they can have faith in the system. Feminist criminology have struggled for some time to perpertrate rape cases and given them a priority and there for try to change the focus. The criminal justice system has itself over the history has come a long way from being put on a stand and having to go on trial to talk about your past previous secxual encounters and how you conduct yourself. It goes to show that more female criminologist must continue to work to destroy the rape culture and help find the justice that the females need to feel that the men dont have that power or have that control for them to stand up for themself.

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