Essay Samples on Rape Culture

Combating Rape Culture And Victim Blaming

Rape culture creates a society that disregards people’s rights and safety while victim-blaming attitudes marginalize the victims that make it harder for victims to come forward and report the abuse that they have experienced. We have to be a society that does not support rape...

The Ethics Of Rape Culture: Victim Blaming

It is no secret that rape culture is overwhelmingly prevailing in the modern era. Rape culture is a society or environment where there is a normalization of sexual assault and abuse. It is not just the fixate on high-profile rape cases, such as Harvey Weinstein’s...

The Toxic Environment of Rape Culture

By definition, “rape culture” is an environment and sociological concept that rape is not only pervasive but also trivialised due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality shaped by customs and stereotypes formed by society (Waweru Nduta, 2018). Although the term was generated recently, this...

The Untold Story of Jodiean Reginalds

I’ve been awoken from my poverty and found a valid way of making grimy cash. Jacksonville, Florida—however is accustomed to youth succumbing to the gallows and alleyways of fortunes tainted in mischief. I woke up to the sun’s beaming rays reflecting against my wire glasses...

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